1985 Topps MLB Baseball Retro Box Break (2023)


a fun break with a chance at Clemens, Mcgwire, & Puckett Rookies, enjoy


All right, oh they cook three here we're gonna, do a box of 1985 tops.

This has the the puckett and also the Clemens have done some other notables we'll go through this box, see what we poll I think doc Gooden is in this too.

So, let's have at it.

There is gum and knees as with most tops designs.


Definitely like the 85 look, there's only a design that I don't like.

There's no wax box bottoms on these I think they started those in 86, I, don't know off.

We go packs break pretty easily.

Hopefully fit cards haven't been tampered with.

The back cards not going to be a slab can ever because it's got gum stuck to it.

So there's Ned Yost, that's our manager, there's Eddie, MF, Murray I'm, of course, with most of these Jerry Koosman, he had a good career with most of these older breaks, I'm looking for slab cans.

Of course we got the Maguire I, don't know how I forgot that but yeah it looks like that.

That's a shame.

Man cookie so lots of cool things that we can pull out of this first look at the cards.

First thing: I noticed is uh.

A bunch of them are off-center, it's just what we'll have to look for when we're breaking this every time, I open a pack I'll take the one with the gum on it and just get it out of the mix.

I'm gonna have to deal with it.

That might be a rookie of Howard Johnson.

Let's fill the cover boy he's on the cover of the box and, of course, if I miss something I'm, not an expert on 80s baseball cards.

Just let me know that's a cool Ricky I think that's like not the true base.

I think that's the all-star version, but I could be wrong.

Flip 36 packs, that's a rookie - right, Erik Davis that one's pretty good the center is pretty sharp on that one.

The bottom left corner doesn't look perfect, but I definitely try to slap Erik, Davis, he's awesome, Jesse Barfield, there's a Julio Franco.

How many hits did he end up having like 27 under buddy bill? That's cool! Don't eat one! That's the all-star one Carter -.

You can't remember what the box price was on.

This I know I want to say 70, but it couldn't easily been 90.

I can't remember: there's Reggie Jackson, nothing like pack fresh cards, except when you get that.

Look at that! That's that that would be classified as a miscut on the cedar.

That's a beautiful cow! Fourth year cow whoops, Jerry Narron! Then he managed probably just throw away the cards with the gum stuck to him.

That's a cool straw that would be a second year straw and I've got a box of 84 tops that we're gonna do on camera too so kind of go through the 80s.

And if you guys want me to get an 83, maybe they were really expensive and then 82 I'm, not sure the price on that one by another 83 is like at least $200.

So that's kind of getting a little outrageous.

There's a Carlton, there's a Clemens looks pretty good.

It's a little off-center top to bottom, but overall, not bad.

So 85 tops rookie of Clemens and Jose Rio.

That's a rookie.

He was an interesting character with the squirt guns and stuff.

It's like that might be a second year or a rookie will just pull it as one feel I think the biggest thing we're gonna be dealing with yours like I, said before is the center and there's around Washington that a John, Franco, rookie - he's a good save man.

There's the Tony Gwynn base that one looks pretty damn good.

That's pretty much centered top to bottom is like 60/40, but with a lot of these I I wouldn't be want intense I I've, you 85 tops different than how I was like 91 tops or something like that.

I'll be fine with nines there's a Sparky Anderson, that's cool and Whitey Herzog I think I've broken one box of this in the past.

I don't know if it was on camera.

I guess I can check the channel later, but I know I've broke this stuff before and I pulled a couple McGuire's, but there is no guarantee.

Could the packs be searched? Yeah? Definitely to me the way the packs are opening I, don't think they're searched, but I'm, not an expert like BBC, II and I think it was Rick hoops I mentioned on my last video that somebody could have like pulled in McGwire and then put put other packs in and yeah.

That's that's possible.

That's kind of the risk you take I'm, not everybody's, honest I, like to think that most people are good.

I deal with a lot of good people in my store on eBay Yogi, Berra manager, that's cool! You know, I would even slab some of the manager cards.

There's Dick Howser, another Davis, that's to Eric Davis rookies and that one looks pretty good to its top to bottom off.

So we're just looking for a Puckett and a Mac and then we'll be good.

We got skunked on the 86 down I selected for Canseco.

This is the gum card, Henderson Steve, Garvey, Carter Ozzy.

It looks like we got a Mac, a hot sauce centered though BUTT STUFF fold, one.

So there's the mac, 85 I, don't know what this would great at.

You know from the center.

It's probably I.

Don't think like a seven, it's pretty often her, but at least we got one I think that's a rookie right, George Braille didn't he change the name, the way he spelled his first name later on.

That's that's how we wanted the Mac to look.

Look at that that Lou Whitaker we still got a 15 packs, or so so maybe we'll have a chance at another one starting to get a little greedy now or maybe a centered puckett, there's Tony Green Tommy John, that's cool Dave Parker he's got some crazy, crazy numbers, probably Hall of Fame consideration.

That's a cool Sandberg! That's a third-year sambar! It's great! Breaking a product like this when the cards are stuck together, flip got a cow.

We're gonna put that one aside for the funny card, video that guy looks like a rapist.

There's a Joe Morgan, that's cool Kurt Gibson, pull on the sides, I Jimmy key rookie yeah! He was decent, Dave Henderson.

These box braces bring you back in time, not that I broke.

85 tops back in the day when it came out because I was only one, but it's just it's just cool that guys.

Definitely going in the video look at that epic stache come on.

Kirby, don't be shy.

Another Jose, REO, rookie Kuzmin, so there'd be a lot of cards to look through that a rookie know he spent like six years.

Dave Stewart wait what yours is rookie like maybe 81, there's Tony Phillips, it's a nice Pete and a brat instead I'm pretty good too Willie McGee, another Clemens top to bottom I think has a bad, lower left corner, but that's - I'm Roger, so I'm definitely satisfied with there's a Ron stay with with the wax teen Morgan.

It's Commons Greg Nettles at about nine packs left bass is a strawberry, Piero's record-breaker.

That's cool had I, never seen that card.

Gibson! That's not Mouse! With doing these breaks, you see cards you've never seen before Dale Murphy mike scioscia.

That's a Langston rookie.

Another rally, I think the most we've gotten over card is doubles.

So the collation is pretty good in here Sparky, that's a Pendleton rookie.

He was a good player.

Terry Pendleton ricky anderson cool and it's centered, three packs left of two poker be Joe.

Carter, that's cool fly, 11, Carlton, Fisk, wasn't King win a good player, Dave Kingman Oriole said it rookie the second year.

Last fact sure animals got the gum, sting and Lisa Matthews Hall of Famer.

That's it guys so I thought.

I was good box um a nice stack of cards to go through right here, the second and then there's the wax packs right there and the gum so I'll get this one up load.

Here's oh I, know what you think about the break.


What is the most valuable card in the 1985 Topps set? ›

All 1985 Topps Baseball Cards

The most valuable card of 1985 Topps is currently 1985 Topps #401 Mark McGwire PSA 10 with a worth of approx. $2,751.00.

Are my old baseball cards worth anything? ›

Are Baseball Cards Worth Anything? Yes, baseball cards can hold tremendous value, as do football and basketball cards, and even non-sport cards like Pokemon. “Worth” and “value” also mean different things to different people, but generally, baseball cards definitely hold dollar value in today's hobby world.

Are Topps baseball cards worth anything? ›

Topps baseball cards are valuable collector's items, with several fetching high prices due to their rarity and iconic imagery.

What makes a baseball card valuable? ›

Specialists appraise baseball cards based on numerous factors, including overall condition, rarity, scarcity, grading, print variation, print quality, and, of course, the person featured on the card. Combined, these characteristics can determine the price and worth of a baseball card.

What is the rarest baseball card set? ›

1909-1911 Honus Wagner T206

Considered the rarest and most valuable baseball card in existence, there are only about 50 copies of this full-color card from 1909 to 1911, known as the T206 Wagner.

What year of Topps baseball cards are most expensive? ›

10 Most Valuable Topps Baseball Cards
Most Valuable Topps Baseball CardsRecord Sales Price
1969 Reggie Jackson #260$1.005 million
1952 Jackie Robinson #312$960,000
1963 Pete Rose #537$717,000
1954 Hank Aaron #128$645,000
6 more rows
Apr 21, 2023

Is there an app to scan baseball cards for value? ›

CollX uses millions of historical auction prices to calculate a card's average value. As you add cards to your collection, you'll see your overall portfolio value grow. Set conditions or grades on your cards and get more accurate prices.

How can I find out how much my baseball cards are worth for free? ›

To look up baseball card values for free, simply go to eBay and search for your particular card. Sort the current listings buy “lowest price” and filter for “buy it now.” This will give you a quick and free idea of how much your card is worth.

Where can I go to see if my baseball cards are worth money? ›

CollX (pronounced “collects”) is the fastest way to figure out what your cards are worth. Snap photos of them and instantly get the current market price. Add them to your collection and track your overall portfolio value. You can even buy, sell, grade, and trade your cards with other collectors.

How can you tell if a Topps card is rare? ›

It's become quite common with modern card releases to see limited card sets include the number on the design – this is obviously an easy way to establish the rarity of a sports card. Many card manufacturers will also release details on the print run for print-to-demand card sets.

What sports cards will be worth money in the future? ›

If you're looking for a long-term investment, you're going to want to go for the classic cards. Like blue-chip stocks, 'blue-chip' sports cards are well-established and have already shown to hold value over longer periods —your mint -condition Mickey Mantles and Babe Ruths.

What baseball cards are hot now? ›

Best baseball card packs to buy right now
  • 2022 Bowman Baseball. Bowman is a big name when it comes to baseball cards, and their 2022 collection is in high demand. ...
  • 2022 Topps Heritage. ...
  • 2022 Topps Inception. ...
  • 2022 Bowman First Edition. ...
  • 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen. ...
  • 2022 Topps Series 1. ...
  • 2022 Topps Opening Day.
Jan 6, 2023

What numbered cards are worth more? ›

Scarcity of the card

The more low-numbered a card is, the more it is worth. This, in particular, is true in relation to the other cards of the set. For example, a /99 Prizm of LeBron will be worth more than a /199 Prizm of LeBron.

Are Mark McGwire cards worth anything? ›

The USA Olympic team subset 1985 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire card #401 is one of the most sought-after cards, fetching up to $30,000. The 1985 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire RC #401 was an instant classic. The base card of the 1984 USA Olympic team member has a glossy finish with only 35 PSA 10 graded copies available.

How to sell old baseball cards? ›

For cards that don't have a high value, listing them on eBay or another online marketplace is usually the quickest and most efficient option. However, if you have more valuable cards, it's best to sell them through a trusted dealer or auction house that specializes in the trading of sports cards.

What baseball card is worth $1000000? ›

The T206 Honus Wagner was produced in 1909 by the American Tobacco Company. The card features Honus Wagner, a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates and one of the greatest players in baseball history. The card's value comes from its rarity, as it is estimated that only around 60 to 200 copies were ever produced.

Are Ken Griffey Jr cards worth anything? ›

Ken Griffey Jr.'s career started in the junk wax era, which led to over 25 rookie cards being produced. The most valuable of these include the 1989 Bowman Tiffany card valued at $14,000, the 1989 Topps Heads Up sticker worth between $595 and $4,651, and the 1989 Upper Deck Star Rookie card valued at $85 to $2,050.

What is the most expensive 1 of 1 baseball cards? ›

The 1952 Topps #311 card has long been considered the most sought-after and valuable baseball card in the hobby. In August 2021, a Honus Wagner T206 set the record for the most expensive sports card sold at auction with a final sale price of $6.6 million.

Are any 1980s baseball cards worth money? ›

Easily one of the most iconic baseball cards of the 1980s, the Don Mattingly rookie card is the clear headliner of the 1984 Topps set. The same design of this card also appeared in the Nestle and O-Pee-Chee sets that year and all three cards are worth around $250-300 in top grade.

What year did baseball cards stop being valuable? ›

Sports card values from the late 1980s and early 1990s are pretty much worthless, with some notable exceptions.

What is the most wanted baseball card? ›

The 20 Most Valuable Baseball Cards
  • Babe Ruth, 1916 Sporting News. ...
  • Nolan Ryan & Jerry Koosman, 1968 Topps. ...
  • Babe Ruth, 1914 Baltimore News. ...
  • Willie Mays, 1952 Topps. ...
  • Satchel Paige 1948 Leaf. ...
  • Jackie Robinson 1948 Leaf. ...
  • Mickey Mantle 1953 Topps. Sale Price: $396,000. ...
  • Babe Ruth 1933 Goudey #53. Sale Price: $203,150.
Jan 23, 2023

What is the most accurate baseball card price guide? ›

PSA Sports Market Report (SMR) Price Guide

PSA is generally recognized as the most respected and trusted grading and authentication company in the hobby. They handle more cards than any other grading firm, and thus have a huge database from which to draw various bits of information.

How to sell baseball cards in bulk? ›

If you just want to get those big boxes of cards out of storage fast, you could head straight to eBay. Listings for bulk baseball card sales are common on the internet's leading auction house, often with no more specifics than the general year range of the included cards.

How to check topps card value? ›

Click on any Topps Set to see a full list of Cards and their current value. From there you can also add a Card to your collection or wishlist. Click on a Card detail page to see historic prices and values for all different grades.

How much does it cost to have a baseball card graded? ›

PSA Grading Costs – 2023 Update
Grading LevelCostCollector Club Required?
Super Express$300No
Walk Through$600No
3 more rows

What is the rarest baseball card and how much is it worth? ›

The current record price is the US$12.6 million paid for a 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card (Topps; #311) on August 28, 2022, breaking all previous records.

Can you get baseball cards for free? ›

At Topps, you will be able to get free baseball cards, whereas Upper Deck offers free hockey cards, and Panini offers you the chance of free basketball cards and free football cards.

What year baseball cards are worth collecting? ›

Vintage Baseball Cards (Printed From 1946 - 1979)

The most popular vintage set of all-time is easily the 1952 Topps set. And the Mickey Mantle card within it is by far the most valuable of this segment of the hobby.

What does the number on the back of a baseball card mean? ›

In total, the main numbers on the back of a card include the card number in relation to the entire set, the year of the card set, and the player's stats. Additional numbers might include the serial number, number of total cards in the set, and more.

What cards are Topps buying back? ›

The Topps MVP Buyback Program returns in anticipation of the 2023 AL & NL MLB™ MVPs. What is the Topps MVP Buyback Program? Starting in November, Topps and participating Hobby Shops will be buying back 2023 Topps Chrome cards featuring the 2023 MLB MVPs - offering you store credit in exchange for your cards.

How do you identify a secret rare card? ›

Secret rare cards have a collector number that is higher than the total number of cards that were printed in that set. For example, it may appear as 99/98. Secret rare cards can be quite valuable!

How can you tell if a card is first edition? ›

On Energy cards, it is in the top right corner. On Trainer cards, it is in the bottom left corner. The symbol is the number “1” on a solid black circle with the word “EDITION” in all capital letters arching around the top of the circle. Pokémon cards quickly became popular, prompting a second print run of the Base Set.

What cards to collect in 2023? ›

2023: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Vintage Classics. 1.1 Babe Ruth Cards. ...
  • Modern Rookies. 2.1 Wander Franco. ...
  • Hall of Famers. 3.1 Derek Jeter. ...
  • Top Prospects. 4.1 Adley Rutschman. ...
  • Limited Edition and Parallel Cards. 5.1 Topps Chrome Refractors. ...
  • Autographed Cards. 6.1 Topps Five Star Autographs. ...
  • Error and Variation Cards. ...
  • Complete Sets.

What baseball cards to invest in 2023? ›

2023 MLB MVP odds: Baseball cards to invest in
  • American League.
  • Julio Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners. MVP odds: +700. ...
  • Adley Rutschman, Baltimore Orioles. MVP odds: +1400. ...
  • Wander Franco, Tampa Bay Rays. ...
  • National League.
  • Trea Turner, Philadelphia Phillies. ...
  • Manny Machado, San Diego Padres. ...
  • Oneil Cruz, Pittsburgh Pirates.
Mar 31, 2023

What sports card sells the most money? ›

While Honus Wagner's card is generally seen as the holy grail for baseball card fans, it's Mantle's rookie that takes the top spot. On August 28 of 2022, a Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps Card sold for $12.6 million to an anonymous buyer. Are you surprised by any of these entries on the list?

What rookie cards to look for in 2023? ›

Among the more traditional baseball rookie cards for 2023 are Baltimore Orioles standouts Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson, Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe, Astros pitcher Hunter Brown, Dodgers standout James Outman, Rockies newcomer Nolan Jones, Rangers up and comer Josh Jung and speedy Oakland rookie Esteury Ruiz ...

What sports cards are in demand? ›

21 Sports Cards and Trading Cards That Helped Shape the Hobby in 2021
  1. 12 comments.
  2. 2020-21 Panini National Treasures LaMelo Ball RC Auto Patch #130 /99. ...
  3. 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton #1. ...
  4. 2020 Panini National Treasures Justin Herbert RC Auto Patch #138 /99. ...
  5. 2021 Absolute Kaboom Mac Jones #K44. ...
Jan 10, 2022

What is the 1 rarest card in the world? ›

The title of 'world's rarest trading card' is split between two quite distinct cards: the 1996 World Champion and the Shichifukujin Dragon. Only one specimen of each card exists anywhere in the world.

What type of cards sell the most? ›

Thank you cards can be made to match every occasion. That is why they make up over $6.6 billion in sales every year. Every personalized greeting card business should have Thank you cards at the top of their catalog – so should yours.

What is the best card grading for vintage cards? ›

PSA (Professional Sports Authenticators)

Because PSA is considered the first major grading company, many vintage card collectors prefer PSA-graded cards over BGS. The primary reason for this can be attributed to vintage set builders, as they prefer a singular slab in order to create continuity.

Are Bo Jackson cards worth anything? ›

About Bo Jackson

The most valuable Card of Bo Jackson is currently 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany #50T Bo Jackson PSA 10 by Topps Traded from 1986 with a worth of approx. $7501.0.

What Cal Ripken cards are worth money? ›

The 1982 Topps, Donruss, and Fleer rookie cards are among the most valuable and iconic Ripken cards. Other valuable Ripken cards include 1983 Topps, 1984 Fleer, 1984 Topps, and 1985 Donruss Diamond Kings.

Are any Jose Canseco cards worth anything? ›

Overall about 567 Cards of Jose Canseco have been traded in the last 30 days on ebay. The average price was $15.23. The price range was from $0.16 for 1988 Topps Coins #7 Jose Canseco by Topps Coins from 1988 to $375.0 for 1986 Donruss #39 Jose Canseco PSA 10 by Donruss from 1986.

Should I throw away my old baseball cards? ›

One of the mistakes that card collectors make when they retire is that they throw away their old cards. Instead of doing this, you and other collectors can benefit if you decide to sell baseball cards rather than throw them away.

What to do with worthless baseball cards? ›

What to do With Old Baseball Cards
  1. Check for anything potentially valuable. ...
  2. Check card values. ...
  3. Get the cards appraised. ...
  4. Sell them. ...
  5. Grade Them. ...
  6. Play games with them. ...
  7. Donate them. ...
  8. 11 Best Baseball Card Value and Scanner Apps for Selling, Pricing & Portfolio Tracking.

What are the most valuable trading cards sets? ›

While Honus Wagner's card is generally seen as the holy grail for baseball card fans, it's Mantle's rookie that takes the top spot. On August 28 of 2022, a Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps Card sold for $12.6 million to an anonymous buyer.

Who is in 1985 Topps traded set? ›

The key extended Rookie Cards in this set include Vince Coleman, Ozzie Guillen, and Mickey Tettleton. A great gift for any baseball fan!

What is the most valuable card in the 1982 Topps set? ›

Most Valuable Baseball Cards of 1982 Topps
  • 1982 Topps #610 Rickey Henderson PSA 10.
  • 1982 Topps #668 Dale Murphy PSA 10.
  • 1982 Topps #551 Reggie Jackson PSA 10.
  • 1982 Topps #300 Reggie Jackson PSA 10.
  • 1982 Topps #452 Lee Smith PSA 10.
  • 1982 Topps #30 Tom Seaver PSA 10.
May 1, 2023

What is the most sought after baseball card? ›

With approximately 22 or less known to exist, all in low grades, the Ty Cobb back is the rarest of them all. In 2016, seven copies of this card were miraculously found in an old paper bag. The find has since been dubbed “The Lucky 7” find. In PSA 4.5 grade, it is estimated this card would reel in over $1 million.

What are the most sought after 80s and 90s baseball cards? ›

Most valuable baseball cards from the 80s and 90s include Rickey Henderson, Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds, and Frank Thomas. Baseball cards were collectibles that featured the image and performance of a player. These cards were also called sports trading cards and had a famous market in the 20th Century.

Are numbered trading cards worth more? ›

The more low-numbered a card is, the more it is worth. This, in particular, is true in relation to the other cards of the set. For example, a /99 Prizm of LeBron will be worth more than a /199 Prizm of LeBron. The catch is that there are times when different brands have different values despite the numbering.

What is the most valuable rookie card? ›

1. Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps. It's believed there are only three PSA 10 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie cards that exist, making it the most valuable rookie card of all time, in any sport.

How do you tell if Topps traded is Tiffany? ›

Topps Traded has an identical cardstock to Topps Tiffany, so you'll have to rely on other methods to identify them. The easy solution is to check if the card has a glossy layer on the front. Tiffany cards will have a full layer of gloss on the front, while Topps Traded did not.

Who is replacing Topps? ›

With the acquisition of Topps, Fanatics has the right to design, manufacture and distribute baseball cards starting immediately. (Fanatics' original deal with Major League Baseball and the players' union had allowed for a 2026 start.

Who made the gum in Topps baseball cards? ›

The company began its existence as Topps Chewing Gum, Inc., a partnership between the four Shorin brothers.

Will 80s and 90s baseball cards ever be worth anything? ›

Today, there are thousands of unopened cases of late 1980's and 1990's cards. It is extremely unlikely, that the demand will ever catch up with the supply enough to allow these cards to appreciate to the value levels that the vintage cards enjoy. Many of us bought 1980s & 1990s sports cards as an investment.

What is the most valuable card in the 1983 Topps set? ›

All 1983 Topps Baseball Cards

The most valuable card of 1983 Topps is currently 1983 Topps #482 Tony Gwynn PSA 10 with a worth of approx. $2,850.00. The most traded card of 1983 Topps in the past 30 days on eBay was for 1983 Topps #482 Tony Gwynn with 143 trades and an average price of $15.84.

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