2019 Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break #1 (2023)


Beautiful cards. A framed Auto, 2 relics and a Super Short Print Hand-Numbered to 25! ...and I'm an idiot who forgot to open the Box Topper. (see A&G #2 for the topper)


Hey, what's up everybody Preston here with another box break tonight, it's 2019, Allen and Ginter hobby box.

Very excited love, Island, get your product products, let's jump right into it.

We won't waste any time.

We're gonna, cut open and start it.

What are we looking for Luke, looking for all kinds of stuff, Rodney, Mullins, autograph, Harrison Ford, and you got your usual suspects like Mike Trout, a lot of ripped cards, box top or ripped cards.

Look pretty cool, yeah I would really like to get a rip card.

That would be awesome.

Obviously the Harrison Ford is it's the one.

That's the one! You want all right.

Everybody wants Harrison Ford car.

Here's our can see that that's the box topper.

What you want to do, save that for last.

Yes, fine, all right how many packs! What do we got here? Eight cards per pack 24 packs, awesome and then just so, you know join us here.

In a little bit.

We got another one coming up shortly.

All right helps the camera.

If I get those, mostly out of frame Preston underscore sports on Twitter will post there before we go live.

Give me a heads up its Alan again torso we're likely it's a little bit uh.

What would you consider a little bit of weird a couple weird things in here? Oh yeah, these little ones I'm just I- got to do the little ones first, because they fall out and scare me and luck is there's gonna be a good one and I'm dent her up.

Is that Willie Adams chance, Adams I did that last time, rookie card I love the little tiny ones.

Those are cool, jewelry, Gonzalez, I, Louis, Gonzalez excellent.

He makes the whole thing no Willie.

It was a hell of a player Oberst who's, Oberst, Robert, Oberst, professional strongman, Robert Oberst.

There you go kids study up on your Robert Oberst, there's gonna be a quiz later he's up early dude.

Look at that beard.

The beard had been combo, beautiful, beautiful Deion Sanders prime time, one of my favorite athletes of all time.

If you don't know who he is kids give them a Google.

William tells crossbow put an apple on your head.

Don't don't do that don't be stupid! That's last thing we need is YouTube.

Videos of idiots shoot themselves with bows and arrows.

Fran milray is up next and then one of my favorite players has a kid.

It's Paul, Molitor I was surprised, just warrants a little lower than I thought.

It was what was his water? Do you remember? Oh it was like this high 60 Z somebody.

Let me know what I'm talking about that's pretty good Salvador Perez, Ryan, O'hearn, rookie excellent Willie Stargell a little closer Rogers Hornsby, who throws a s on the name Roger so weird.

Now, while we're looking at the back of this, you see the 384 up there.

What's our short Prinsloo yeah, that's a thing: Thank You, Laura, 350 I, want to say 352 399.

Is that what does something like that yeah so take a look, make sure you're checking your short prints, they're, not always easy to spot.

We'll get you some clarification on that real, quick, Ginter, great! It's Randy, Johnson, Google, Randy Johnson explodes a bird.

If you want to know exactly how powerful his were just an absolute beast, the Clallam language I've been pronouncing that right.

It's the lost languages, collection! That's neat! I'm! A bit of a history buff give it a pause or if you want to take a look, the Clallam language, little tiny dude.

It's a mr.


With this fancy necklace there Brewer and podcast host Oggy carton, yeah 350 to 400 shortcuts, 350 to 400 short prints and Starling Marte.

Let's get another pack going, Oh spoiler alert this one, this one's a little thick.

Somebody out there just said: that's what she said: that's hilarious, good job.

Whoever did it said that out loud yourself, the points Sandy Koufax, possibly the best left-hander.

That's ever done it who's.

Your favorite left-hander of all time put it in the comments down below there's one of my favorites I'm gonna, get that from Luke see if I can make a trade, because he's got two of those.

Now this box belongs to Luke bond cata.

Yohan moncada is our tiny dude.

This time deed need to grow Gregorius up next, he started out in the Reds organization.


Will you yeah diedrich, bader, Harrison, Bader, I'm? Sorry who stink diedrich bader is uh.

I, think you should do from him.

He doesn't yeah.

It was in an office space there you go Philly fans, it's your boy, Bryce Harper.

This is the first signs that we I'll show you that the baseball star signs- he is a Libra we've gotten a few of those are kind of cool, especially here in two astrology Matt Chapman up next and JT Realmuto, the good pack for Philly fans, their little penny sleeve for Bryce Harper, huh I do like those astrology cards not much, and it was rollicking myself, but is there good-looking car, energy, Alan and Ginter? Just always bringing the heat always has some beautiful stuff.

Here is something worth taking a look at.

We pulled his regular card, the other night.

We decided he's all right, I created, Parks and Rec, or was an actor a comedian on it, some kind of writer or whatever.

But if you look at the border of this card, you can see that it's different than our other kind of one.

So take a look for those there's another kind of short print yep.

We got one right here, you'll note, so the first one is regular regular on the back, and then you got your fancy border with the regular on the back old Ben Schwartz there, and then you have.

It looks regular on the front, that's a rookie card and on the back, instead of having the regular writing, you got the a line getting tert insignia, so keep a look out for those again, not always easy to spot the short prints and this series- Luke Voight Willie, Adams, Hudson, Davis and Paul Bunyan's axe chopping down, treat, lay he's the one that had the Ox blue, herrera, odubel herrera and Walker Buehler having a heck of a year, Bueller Bueller.

Well, how many times he's heard that in his life- oh, my god it does.

Here we go one of the most all the best all-time mustaches ever and then, with the mustache mullet.

Combo I mean it doesn't get any better than Dennis Eckersley Jon, Lester, Cubs fans, mr.

Martinez, JD, Martinez and egg part of the.

What could it be? The poultry collection or nope? Just it's? The world champions collaging biggest a girl, a nest.

Egg, hey stormy, Webster, Kylie Jenner's newborn to the non celeb social media obsessed.

What's in it, hey stormy Webster in which I guess is Kylie Jenny's Jenner's newborn to be non celeb social media obsessed people like us, you're already old news as of January yeah.

Well, that was a waste of a complete sentence.

Nothing to do with the card after January 2019, the infant's photo from the previous year was no longer the most liked in the history of Instagram surpassed by one of an egg.

Just an egg posted that's an experiment.

By an unidentified Londoner, the pic soared past Jenner's 18 million likes to be on 30 million likes.

This egg got 30 million likes, and now it's got its own baseball card.

That's terrible, terrible! That's awful terrible story! Yeah I'm gonna agree.

Now we pulled some airliner cards, some some aircraft cards, the other night and a pre sweet-looking, there's quite a few of them, but what we figured out is, if you put them together, this is the Boeing 707.

You can see the background of the sky.

Apparently we'll.

Look you put a you, can put a mural together right, yeah, they kind of flow in together.

The paintings do and that's pretty cool all right.

You may have spotted it already laid in the background here.

It's our first hit Derick Rodriguez autograph, it's a on card with the fancy border, the tiny one Rambabu yeah, the framed autographs.

They are absolutely beautiful.

Take a look at the back for you, Derick Rodriguez! Congratulations! A certified autograph core 2019 elleny get ur star picture of the San Francisco Giants Derick Rodriguez, absolutely beautiful card.

What do you think? Look? That's nice, nice, looking car for sure.

Well make sure we get that in a penny sleeve, no Don Mattingly.

What do you think about Donald baseball underrated overrated? This mustache is not underrated, they're overrated! That's for sure that is an underrated mustache one of the best of all time I mean that there's a question for you put in the comments below.

Do you take the Don Mattingly mullet, mustache combo or the Dennis Eckersley mullet? Mustache combo? Should we add a third option of John Kruk just for fun.

You know he's he's solid Corey, Kluber, Mike, al Franko, Bryce Harper's up next age, yeah J, a hat pardon me Jorge, Posada, all fair they play from New York.

They never know you do get that New York bow, hey, it's Joey, Gallo outstanding young player and that's going to be a short print with the fancy logo on the back and then one of my favorites Rickey Henderson, the Gunther greats collection.

What was our one earlier? Randy Johnson, yeah, nice I, love those cars and it's warm up jacket, getting ready to steal some bases, no doubt and Wilson Contreras rounds out that pack.

As always, we appreciate you hanging out whatever you want to talk about throat, meals, cap box, we're going to do more.

Angry box breaks coming up soon, if you've seen those if Gavin take them out.

Those are a lot of fun.

Feel free to put in the comments.

Whatever is aggravating you in sports will give me a shout out on the next video Elvis Andrus Vlad Guerrero jr.

rookie card there you go beautiful, a quick look at the, but for all you glad junior fans penny sleeve.

For him and it's Charles Martin a or martinet, perhaps video game voice actor.

He looks extremely excited to be getting his picture taken for the hall and again Terlet collection.


Would too, let's see if he's worked on anything good.

Who is the voice of Nintendo legend Mario? It's a martin that day, that's what it says.

Sorry that was horrible! That's just one of more than 200 video games, yeah awesome all kinds of stuff the voice of Mario right, though that's pretty cool.

Actually, we've got in love, Mario games, Ozzie, Smith, who's, better him or Barry.

Larkin put it in the chat box.

If you answer Ozzie Smith you're wrong, the first Tiger Mask.

Is this a luchador yeah? It's like old-school, Japan, Oh, Mexican, luchador, I, don't know professional wrestler.

Six wrestlers have adopted the tiger mask since the famous Japanese wrestling character debuted in the early 80s.

Your Japanese first tiger mask wrestling card.

He signs autographs.

Does he yeah he's got autographs? They go for decent amount on eBay nice yeah, our next baseball star signs its Paul Goldschmidt.

He is a Virgo one of my favorites Ryan Sandberg.

A couple of them there's a couple Hall of Famers for you, Frank Thomas, Ryan Sandberg Thomas, made the whole favor.

Oh yeah, first of all, yeah yeah hard to keep track, got guys like Harold Baines, pulling it yeah yeah guys like Harold Baines going in, and then you got guys like well.

The Greg Maddux had to wait till the second ball.

No, he just didn't get it.

You - oh yeah, dunedin animal.

He should have got it unanimous.

Greg Maddux might be the best ever just there.

I almost had pokey Reese baby.

We Reese looks very different from Tokyo Risa.

That's my mistake: Reese Hoskins I, don't know that's uh.

We had a little one slider on nice and easy it's the suspicious that is Cespedes family barbecue.

Something like that.

It is I think we saw one of these in there.

I've never listened to.

It was it that this is a regular Yonder Alonso another that started out with the Reds Shan Bieber is having a good year if I remember correctly yeah and it's another one of the Stallions collection.

We saw some of these the other night, the Morgan Horse excellent.

We got it Andrelton, Simmons and Chipper Jones.

Everybody loves Chipper, Jones yep, we're about a third of the way through we had a nice Derrick Rodriguez framed autograph, and we got two more hits in this box coming.

Hopefully, it's something pretty good and speaking of Derek Rodriguez.

There's this regular cart and it's the Boston Red Sox.

Everyone looks like they're having a good time.

Another Rhys Hoskins, this one's, the small version, he's an excellent player and miss Andrews AJ Andrews.

She is a softball player that Trevor Hoffman, one of the best closers of all time and incredible equipment.

This time it's King Arthur's sword, Monty Python in the holy grail.

If you haven't watched it, I saw some base corn.

You go watch this one right here.

Yes, that is absolutely beautiful.

Hat around backwards, 2014 might be the most perfect swing.

I've ever seen, who had a better swing him Ted, Williams, Tony Gwynn, who is they all had good ones? I, don't think any of them was better than him, and it's us with a period mic.

Oz Alex ball card video, hoax yeah, that's nothing! On Yahoo I've seen you know, check out eyes on Yahoo.

You said Yahoo, it gets baseball players and has them open up a pack of cards from like Mac when they were good, sheep eat berries on there and let that's pretty cool nothing so that here I got a pack of cards from back when you were good yeah, he gives my Koch and you'll.

Give them like well, he'll give him three years to pick from then they'll take one and to talk about the players in it: Joey Gallo, to start off this pack.

The second time we've seen him Jack flag 30, and it's rocks sports agent and author Burton rocks there.

You go for all you.

Sport agent fans that Frankie right, Robinson, absolutely Frank, Robinson, incredible player I got a Frank, Robinson autographed baseball.

How do you like that? I? Don't know Marcel Ozuna up next and look at that against her greats this time it's Johnny Bench, the greatest catcher of all time.

If you do not agree, you are wrong.

It's Matt Kemp in a red, uniform everyone will remember his great stint as a Cincinnati Red Lake.

Here you go kids, Tony Gwynn.

If you don't know who he is, google him he's one of the best ball players of all time.

I wouldn't want to write it.

In my opinion, he should be talked about with guys like Ted Williams and a card with the fancy border there.

My goodness talk for a second Luke I'm taking a drink of water.

Uh still got two hits left, probably a high coming up on a relic card or something hopefully that's something too ridiculous, but yeah I kinda expected it was hilarious.

We were doing a blaster box, the other night on the angry box breaks and before we got started Luke like here's, a couple of horrible players that saw him I guarantee I'll get a Brad rocky and they meant that somebody else, but I'll be damned.

If we didn't pull that Brad Radke photograph, it was pretty crazy.

I wouldn't lie to you, folks that I was stunned.

I looked at him like another suspect as family barbeque card.

This time it is the regular Ryan Braun goading Ryan Braun, sucks Blake treinen up next, and it's marked some early signs.

Dude thanks, though yeah people loved mark summers, I, don't know if the young kids will know who is he hosted, a double dare which was a fantastic hoodie cause like a like an obstacle course kind of game.

Just show you get slime on your head and stuff Sandy Koufax baseball, star signs.

He was a Capricorn and certainly one of the most dominant pitchers of all time, absolutely sick card I.

Like that one, a lot.

What do we got? Chugging along its freight train, car chugging oil, the first train in 1804, pulled 25 tons of iron sounds like a Johnny Cash song give that to your little brother, your little brother likes it Matt shirts are up next and it's a mr.

Martin again this time.

It's this full-size card, the voice of Mario, making a second appearance, appearance as I say experience, please got open want to take over here, I've been at work today, it's it's a hard day.

Man come home and open your baseball cards for you.


severino's start out that pack, Jake Arrieta I stand usual absolute beast: I can never remember: King Reis, Scott, King Rhee, another Philly fan Xander Bogaerts.

Ah, and it's the short print version.

Johnny calls SIF you're gonna pull up SIF out of the pile I guess it's worth looking at.

According to stories created by George, filling her in the 1950s Kansas farmers owed their livelihoods to the SIF of Johnny, call the giant reputed to be bigger than even Paul Bunyan to brandish assist to bring needed rain to the farms by lopping off tornado spouts.

It also was said that he used it to help peco's bill dig the Grand Canyon Johnny calls sitteth or scythe Luke.

Oh I guess depends on where you're from it might be regional scooter, Gennett back healthy with the Reds.

Hopefully he'll finish up the year.

On a good note.

Second, half of the year and Louie Yuri Asst rookie car kikuchi to start off this pack having a good Ricky year, and we saw him the other night, Johnson signs him World Series of Poker and it's another aircraft card.

This time, you're.

Looking at the I go ahead and try reading it yourself, folks have fun so pretty it pretty artwork on those I bet, it looks cool, put together, mister Porcello up next and we have another hit this time.

It's dre, archer Chris.

Aren't you Chris, Archer, I'm, sorry, who's, the hell straight I think I'm football yep I'm an idiot.

His name is Chris Archer, of course, star pitcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates Pat carve Jimmy good look at the patch.

That is an absolutely beautiful card.

What do you think? Look yeah it kind of sucks, but in 92 check out our earlier angry box breaks.

If you like him, we hit for a relic card of Quinn 92, it's pretty awesome and Tino Martinez.

How about that Tino not due for a crazy crazy hit.

We got one more hit left in the box.

Hopefully it's a good one see that Harrison Ford autograph yeah Cody bellanger having a hell of a year.

What are you doing? What? Why did they decide to use that photo like how goofy he looks? There look yeah I'm, not seeing Byron Buxton up next, oh no Daniel Murphy and it's alkaline his tiny card, the standard hell of a ballplayer Alex Rodriguez up next, a rod and another Ginter greats this time.

It's Ken Kent, my goodness Cal Ripken jr.

awesome go look up the one of one Justin Verlander break.

It has an incredibly awesome, Cal, Ripken, jr.

patch card in it and, of course, the 101 Verlander sketch card.

It was a great break.

Al-Qaeda, Ralph Connor pardon me and Tyler O'neill sloppy.

Well, we got a rod in the last one and then this one we get Derek Jeter best buddies, Cole Hamels up next, but we got the little on that fell out here: collectible canines, it's the west highland terrier, absolutely adorable little little info on the west highland terrier.

For you, there he's a good boy, Cole Hamels Justin Smoak.

And what do we got? A surfer, a swimmer, keresh, 'el, American, Ninja, Warrior, I, don't know him.

We don't know him.

He's got a goofy haircut, Tony, twins, baseball, star signs awesome and they put him in the one of the best uniforms.

I have her sweet man I'd like to get at Tony Gwynn Jersey that year he is a Taurus I'm, a Taurus.

How about that? That's an awesome card right.

There catfish hunter, unfortunately, no mustache on them.

In this picture you want to see an all-time mustache, Google up, catfish hunter and Andrew Bennett.

Indeed me this will bring us two-thirds of the way through our hobby box.

We'll take a second and thank you for hanging out.

Justin Verlander starts off this pack.

We just mentioned him.

Take out that 101, it was so sweet by Todd, Aaron Smith, one of the best in the game, Ernie Banks, incredible player, and it's Babe Ruth.

You put one of these here and I too.

Didn't it.

Yeah James Paxton up next and Jim Palmer the incredible pitcher and he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Nobody talks about Jim, Palmer, outstanding pitcher, Phil, Rizzuto up next Yankee great and it's the Cleveland Bay horse, another one of the mares and stallions collection and we're going to finish off that pack with a rookie card.

It's Brad, Keller, don't forget! Coming up.

We do have our box topper as well little ones.

Gonna fall out on me here again, so we'll take a look at that: uh Eddie, Murray, incredible player for the Orioles finally gotten into the Hall of Fame.

Didn't a couple years.

I think he had to wait a couple years, though Matt Carpenter was a short pretty nice Edwin Diaz, a nice ronald Acuna, jr.

outstanding player for the braised Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes of all time.

No doubt about it and it's the Concord another one of the aircraft collections.

We got Todd Helton up next and coin L Perez rookie card a favor.

There looks like that base snack off uh somewhere or just make it shorter for it moving right along.

Let's score the little over there, nine two two rats Fred's, my goodness, Oh maximum Muncie.

You scored a next month, the autograph earlier this year.

Didn't he yeah I got Fran burb, albero key card I, think he's gonna have a good career.

You know, Anthony Rizzo, a better home run hitters in the league.

Man I can't believe I forget all these first names as bad as I.

Do Victor Robles getting old folks my memory ain't quite what it used to be and I apologized about some of these names: Buster Posey short press, beautiful I, like that George Brett, Ginter, greats collection, heck of a player can still picture my head him running crazy out of the dugout hobby, a bias and Michael Cote pack up next a rookie card to finish off the pack.

Another kid I like a lot I, think he's going to have a very good career out with Tommy John right now, back I'll be back you're sure not on theses.

Luke and I grew up in an era where something like that, and you were just done.

You weren't pitching anymore, and if you did, you were going to be horrible, but now these kids can come back a year later and it's pretty impressive what they can accomplish after Tommy John these days, Brian Anderson starts off that pack, one marichal Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew, another Hall of Famer Michael Bor.

Here's a goofy-looking picture I saw him a couple of weeks ago, he's put on some weight: Yadier Molina.

He is a cancer baseball star signs.

He's one of those guys, if he's on your team you'd like him, you love him.

If he's not, if it's in your division, he's kind of terrible the Ramon Laureano and this one's numbered, you don't see a lot of numbered Allen and Ginter Ramon loriana 23 of 25 hand numbered.

It looks like on the back of that card, a super short run, yeah super short print.

Let me show it to you.

One more time: I'll make sure that make sure the there you go.

Take a good look twenty-three of 25 hand.

Number that's gonna, go right into a penny sleeve, that's cool! That is that's very cool.

Don't see a lot of yeah then when they say super short print, they ain't kidding I've, seen a lot of those Michael Brantley and Francisco Lindor excellent player.

I, wonder if that counts as a hit man I would assume.

So you think it's just the extra Mike on.

Is it I, don't know we got a few more packs here.

We're gonna see if that counts, as a hit or not the priests suite cardboard of late Vayner Vaynerchuk.

Let's see what mr.

vaynerchuk's all about he's: an entrepreneur: Gary Vaynerchuk, the chairman of Vayner X, a modern day media and communications, Holding Company area, okay, it's I'm Brooklyn back one in two hundred and sixty four packs, one in two hundred and sixty four packs our Ramon laureano Brooklyn back.

They call it the Brooklyn back, I noticed it did say: Brooklyn really big across the back.

That makes sense, so that does make perfect beautiful and another one here: Jake Arrieta, just a regular back door.

There, kiermaier Kevin kiermaier, Paul Goldschmidt up next and Olympic champion Loretta Claiborne, a Special Olympics athlete awesome; Matt, that's a hero, Tanaka I, hope, I got that right, Appaloosa, another mare and stallions card, and that Hosea brave, as we get closer to the end, though thank you one more time for hanging out.

I have a lot of fun with these put in the comments.

What you like, what you don't like? What breaks you want to see next, when a Leafs will be feedback for the angry box breaks.

Tell us what you're angry about we'll get it into video.

Give you a shout out up next.

It's Patrick Korbin and Tyler Kepner, a baseball rider, Nicolas Castellanos up next and it's chihuahuas collectible canines, the Chihuahua I until recently had two chihuahuas and now fortunately, I'll have lunch.

Wawa they're good dogs, another aircraft card.

This time it is that's the same one! That's before, and right behind that here we go folks.

It's another hit.

Four hits Rick Porcello Jersey card.

That is an absolutely beautiful patch.

The Red Sox read the Alan and Gunther insignia there.

This is a genuine Alan and Ginter relic card.

Rick Porcello.

That really is a pretty patch make sure that goes in a penny sleeve and Josh James gonna round out that pack.

What do you think pretty good box he's got an autograph, let's unboxing the new autograph plus a framed autograph too beautiful forward? Yes, nice Ben Zobrist to start us off that hobby, Vasquez, Felipe, Vasquez, pardon me, Brooks, Robinson, Aaron, NOLA Phillies have all kinds of young talent, Randy Johnson, one of my all-time favorite one more time and what a great box of Ginter great you got in this one Luke, it's Nolan Ryan this time we've seen Johnny Bench, but all kinds of good Ginter greats in this one, yeah Randy, Johnson I, think yeah Starlin Castro down in Miami and Mariano Rivera.

He was your first unanimous inductee into the whole thing.

Was that right, yeah, that's wild he's telling me ken griffey, jr., Cal, Ripken, jr., Wade, Boggs, you're, telling me these guys aren't first ballot or unanimous decision, yeah! Well silly! Maybe maybe you'll see more advanced decisions.

Now, maybe that opens it up.

Jason Varitek start off that packed Jorge, Alfaro and Josh hater in Milwaukee, and it's knocked Gooden for all you Mets fans, maybe we'll get a Darryl Strawberry by the end of this to Dale, Murphy, Daniel, Murphy, pardon me and that's another one of the Alan Ginter back insignia things.

There I found a short prayer.

Victor Robles Robles was a short press.

Juan Soto is your next baseball star signs.

He is a Scorpio Kyle Seager up next Corey Seager keys, old Pete who's, Kyle, Seager and Noah syndergaard beautiful, set of hair on Noah, syndergaard and that'll.

Bring us to our last pack got the three big hits.

They're closing kids will get my quick recap here in a second, its head.


Did you get at that Williams last time? I, don't one of my absolute favorite players, love Ted, Williams, Kyle, Schneider, freestyle, wrestler wrassling, that's a regular, backed one Aaron Nolan one more time.

We just saw his little diversion and a travis pastrana awesome, Carlos, Correa up next outstanding player, another mares and stallions this time it's the Andalusian, that's pretty horse whip mare field and Michael conforto.

It's going to finish off the box.

As always, we appreciate you hanging out.

I am the Preston 13 here with Preston sports, a good look at those the Rick Porcello, the framed autographed Derek Rodriguez Chris, Archer, Vlad, Guerrero, jr.

rookie and our 23 of 25 Brooklyn card awesome, all in all, pretty good box I like that one.

A lot, and now we enter products are always a ton of fun having that box over there, real quick as I thanked you last time.

I'll show you.

We got this guy coming up shortly, so please do stay tuned for that I am the Preston.

Thirteen be good, have fun and I will see you next time.


What is an Allen and Ginter hot box? ›

Each Hobby box promises three hits that can be autographs, relics, book cards, cut signatures, original A&G buybacks, or rip cards. 2022 Topps Allen & Ginter X Baseball is an online-exclusive product that arrives later.

What is a Allen and Ginter rip card? ›

Since its inception, the Topps Allen & Ginter set has held a collection of rip cards (and even double rip cards) which dare collectors to destroy their most recent pull by ripping it open to reveal a mini card inside. Every rip card is a gamble, which is why hobbyists have loved them ever since their introduction.

What is a buyback card? ›

At its most basic, a buyback is a term used for old cards that have been included in a new product. Sometimes there's some sort of addition to the card like a stamp or even an autograph. Other times these original cards might be included in packs as-is. It varies from company to company and product to product.

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