2023 Catcher Preview! Strategy, Targets, and Fades | Fantasy Baseball Advice (2023)


What is the catcher outlook and strategy for 2023 drafts? Which players are we most excited to draft at the catcher position? Why is Scott fading Cal Raleigh?

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It's about time for 2023 position, previews, let's start off with catcher up next on fantasy baseball today, in five welcome into fpt in five today is Monday February 6th I am Frank sample, joined by Scott, White and Scotty.

Let's start off with your catcher outlook for this season, and maybe some strategy, one catcher versus two catch leaks, yeah, the Outlook and catcher is as good as it's ever been for as long as I've been playing fantasy I'm, not even saying just writing about fantasy since I've been playing fantasy, which goes back to the 2000 season the year, 2000.

I've I've, never remember, catcher! Being this deep, it's just been the perfect combination of a a lot of prospects coming up all at once, and almost all of them, hitting like being successful and B at bats, have been more available for catchers, with the introduction of the DH spot to the NL you're.

Seeing a lot of these good hitting catchers just slide over to DH on their off days and so they're getting you know, we had 10 get over 400 at bats last year in 2021 it was only six.

So it's you know: they're they're, not at such a disadvantage for playing time as as we're used to seeing so I see it as nine catchers who are really good, I'd be happy with any one of them as my starter and then on top of those nine.

There are four others who I think could be in that group uh.

They include Tyler Stevenson, Travis, darno, MJ, Melendez and Cal Raleigh a little lower on them.

I'd rather not have to draft one of them.

I'd rather stick with the nine, but if I have to, they could end up being very productive themselves.

One catcher lead versus two catcher League I.

Think it's more important to get one of the nine in a one, catcher League.

You have fewer lineup spots to work with, and you want to make sure you get as much impact as you can with what you have two catcher leagues, I'm less concerned about it, but I still want to get one of those nine and uh.

You know if my second catcher is somebody not that interesting or exciting.

You know that that's fine, I I, probably would go for somebody interested in citing like a prospect like Francisco, Alvarez or Logan Oh hobby, but I don't want to pay up for two catchers in a two catcher League.

You got a lot of other spots to work with and Scott based on ADP you're right.

There is more Talent at the position this year versus last year, there are 10 catchers going inside the top 120 picks.

Last year we had just five based on ADP inside the top 120, so more Talent at the position, which is a great thing for Fantasy Baseball speaking of wood Scott.

Who is the catcher that you want most all things considered upside downside ADP? Who do you want? This is going to be a common theme across positions.

I basically said there are nine catchers that I feel really good about that I'd be happy like thrilled to get as my starter, so I'm.

Looking at the back of that group in terms of uh who gets drafted where and it's it's generally one of two players: it's um Sean Murphy, the Braves new catcher or it's William, Contreras.

The guy the Braves gave up to get Sean Murphy he's now the catcher in Milwaukee and uh I mean both were great last year.

Both were basically must start players William Contreras, because he was spending time with Travis, Darnell and Atlanta had he had a little bit.

He had some playing time issues, but he was one of the most prolific home run.

Hitters at the position he's the brother of long time, standout, Wilson Contreras, and if you look at their stack cast Pages side by side, eerily semi-similar I think in Milwaukee William Contreras is going to have less competition for our bats and and could get even better than he was last year.

He was good enough last year to be a starter in fantasy and then Sean Murphy I think his stock could go up moving to a much better lineup after being in Oakland last year, now being in Atlanta, better Park, and he really showed improvement over the final four months is strikeout rate drop, 10 percentage points he had about 280 during that stretch and if those gains holds in addition to the better lineup I think Sean Murphy could be a true stud at the position, so I'm happy with either one of those I'd rather not reach the position I'd rather not pay up for JT real nuto, for instance, because uh a lot of times, particularly in one catcher leagues, the back end of that nine.

They go a lot later.

I agree with you completely Scott about both of those guys.

I do prefer Sean Murphy buy a hair.

If you look at the home road splits in his career, 212, batting average 684 Ops in Oakland Coliseum, two 57 batting average and 820 Ops everywhere else on the road, so I have a feeling that I'm going to be drafting a lot of Sean Murphy as well, and one other name.

I wanted to mention the brother of William Contreras, Wilson Contreras, someone I'm going to be drafting a lot as well.

The ADP is one of two he's going pretty late, he's very proven.

He's gonna hit you 240 to 250 a low to mid 20s in terms of home, runs and I.

Think the counting stats could be better.

Now that he's joining the St Louis Cardinals as well.

So I do like Wilson quite a bit.

What about a bus Scott? Who is a catcher that you're looking to avoid this season? So I mentioned Cal Raleigh's in the 13.

Who could join the nine that that last four who could join the nine he's the scariest one to me? He did tie for the position lead with 27 home runs last year, but he sold out for them completely strikeout right up near 30 percent, the an extreme Fly ball rate, the second highest among hitters, with 400 at bats, so the batting average was low and I.

Don't see a lot of room for it to improve for Cal rally and in fact they could completely tank to the point he's losing playing time and not giving you what you invested in him.

So Cal Raleigh is the one I'm avoiding all right for more extensive Fantasy Baseball coverage.

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Today in five and we'll be back again tomorrow.



2023 Catcher Preview! Strategy, Targets, and Fades | Fantasy Baseball Advice? ›

And hey, catchers are important. Without them, we're looking at a passed ball on every pitch. The catching position took a step forward in 2022, when J.T. Realmuto, catcher-eligible Daulton Varsho and Will Smith were all top-100 finishers in 5x5 value.

How to draft 2023 fantasy baseball? ›

Fantasy Baseball 2023: Tips on crushing your draft and boosting your title chances
  1. Strategy No. 1: Ace trio. ...
  2. Strategy No. 2: Secure strikeouts. ...
  3. Strategy No. 3: Saves anchor. ...
  4. Strategy No. 4: Balanced skill sets. ...
  5. Strategy No. 5: Boring early, exciting late. ...
  6. Strategy No. 6: Multi-position players. ...
  7. Strategy No. 7: Wait on catcher.
Mar 20, 2023

Do you need a catcher in fantasy baseball? ›

And hey, catchers are important. Without them, we're looking at a passed ball on every pitch. The catching position took a step forward in 2022, when J.T. Realmuto, catcher-eligible Daulton Varsho and Will Smith were all top-100 finishers in 5x5 value.

What round should I draft a catcher? ›

The catcher position has a huge drop-off in talent from the top-five to the rest of the players. You shouldn't go crazy and draft a catcher in round one or two, but picking one of these players in the third or fourth round would be a smart move. Like I said above, this position has five players and then that's it.

Who should be number 1 pick in fantasy baseball? ›

Fantasy Baseball ADPs for 2023
RotoBaller RankPlayer NameNFBC ADP
1Trea Turner1
2Jose Ramirez2
3Aaron Judge5
4Ronald Acuna Jr.3
1 more row

How hard is it to be a catcher in the MLB? ›

But the catcher has the most responsibility of any player on the field, eclipsing even that of the pitcher. Being a catcher is the hardest job in baseball. Right now, if you're able, get into a crouching position. It's not very comfortable, is it?

What's more important in fantasy baseball pitching or hitting? ›

You can build a successful team with pitching first, but it's a riskier and less dependable approach because pitchers are more erratic than hitters. They get hurt at a higher rate and their win totals can fluctuate wildly depending on run support, bullpen quality and dumb luck.

How many innings should a catcher catch? ›

A player can catch a maximum of 3 innings if they intend to also pitch in that game; If a player starts a 4th inning as the catcher (even one warm up pitch) they cannot pitch in that game.

Who should I take first in fantasy baseball 2023? ›

Reigning AL MVP, Aaron Judge, also has a claim to the No. 1 overall pick in 2023. Cleveland Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez might be the safest player available. Seattle Mariners outfielder Julio Rodriguez delivered an epic 2022 season, so expect him to come off the board quickly in drafts.

Who should I start baseball 2023? ›

Search by player name ×
1.R. Acuna Jr.RF,DH - ATL
2.A. JudgeCF,RF,DH - NYY
3.J. Ramirez3B,DH - CLE
4.F. Freeman1B - LAD
5.K. TuckerRF - HOU
25 more rows

What stats are most important for fantasy baseball? ›

Generally, you want players to produce a higher LD%, as those lead to more hits and more production. A higher FB% is more favorable than a high GB% because fly-balls produce home runs. Quality of contact statistics are incredibly useful, as they give us an idea of the kind of balls a batter is putting into play.

What is the hardest skill in baseball? ›

In baseball, if you get three hits out of every ten at-bats, that means a . 300 average and you'll be one of the best hitters in the game.

How are catchers giving signs? ›

Invented by John Hankins and Craig Filcetti, PitchCom is an electronic device used to transmit pitch signals from the catcher to the pitcher. It is just starting to be adopted in Major League Baseball this season, and many teams are already embracing the new technology.

What do MLB scouts look for in catchers? ›

The catcher must be durable and is responsible for the teams defense. A catcher needs soft hands , quick feet and the ability to block pitches in the dirt. A good catcher can catch and throw to second base under 2.0 seconds, some catchers can break 1.8 seconds.

How do you get noticed by MLB scouts? ›

8 Tips To Help You Get Noticed by College Baseball Scouts
  1. Put in the WORK. ...
  2. Know college recruiting rules and schedule. ...
  3. Write down your target list of schools. ...
  4. Show off your skills with video. ...
  5. Build profiles on recruiting websites. ...
  6. Get a Rapsodo Certified Assessment. ...
  7. Reach out to coaches on your target list.

What is the most important inning in baseball? ›

Teams score more in the first inning because the top of the lineup is at bat.

What stats matter most in baseball? ›

Batting average, RBIs, and home runs are the most commonly referenced batting statistics. To this day, a player who leads the league in these three statistics is referred to as the "Triple Crown" winner. For pitchers, wins, ERA, and strikeouts are the most often cited traditional statistics.

Does good hitting beat good pitching? ›

Used in this context, then, the maxim “good pitching beats good hitting” tells us that when good pitching meets good hitting, the pitcher's objective will be achieved and the hitter's will not.

What order should I draft in fantasy baseball? ›

What position should you draft first in fantasy baseball? Depending on the type of league you play in, you either want to draft an ace pitcher or superstar slugger with your first pick. If you play in a weekly points league, you will want to draft a slugger first, as they play almost every day.

How does 2023 MLB draft order work? ›

The draft order is determined based on a lottery where the teams who did not make the postseason in the past year participate in a state-lottery style process to determine the first six picks, starting in 2023. The team possessing the worst record receives the best odds of receiving the first pick.

Who should be the first pick in fantasy football 2023? ›

2023 fantasy football rankings
1WRJustin Jefferson
2RBAustin Ekeler
3RBChristian McCaffrey
4WRCooper Kupp
84 more rows
Jan 30, 2023

Is 23 too old to play college baseball? ›

While the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not set an official age limit for student-athletes to play college sports, their strict eligibility requirements can limit older students' ability to play.

Who are the favorites in 2023 MLB? ›

The New York Yankees, Houston Astros and San Diego Padres were three of baseball's most popular teams at the betting window heading into 2023.

Is it too late to play baseball at 23? ›

It is never too late to start baseball if you want to play for fun.

What round should I draft a pitcher in fantasy baseball? ›

Your turn comes around and you see Spencer Strider, Jacob deGrom, Aaron Nola and Shane McClanahan there and just can't help yourself. First of all, I don't blame you. Second of all, the key to making the early pitching strategy work is taking a pitcher in the third round.

What does C stand for in baseball? ›

Position abbreviations used in Fantasy Baseball
PosWhat it MeansWho is Eligible
CCatcherOnly catchers
CICorner InfieldAny first or third baseman
MIMiddle InfieldAny second baseman or shortstop
IFInfieldAny infielder (1B, 2B, 3B, SS)
13 more rows

Should I draft pitchers or hitters first? ›

You can build a successful team with pitching first, but it's a riskier and less dependable approach because pitchers are more erratic than hitters. They get hurt at a higher rate and their win totals can fluctuate wildly depending on run support, bullpen quality and dumb luck.

What is Rule 5 in MLB? ›

The Rule 5 draft is a Major League Baseball (MLB) player draft that occurs each year in December, at the annual Winter Meeting of general managers.

Who is eligible for the Rule 5 draft 2023? ›

For those unfamiliar, in order to be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft, a player must not be on his team's 40-man roster and must have played in either parts of five professional seasons (if they signed at 18 or younger) or four professional seasons (if they signed at 19 or older).

What percentage of MLB Draft picks make the majors? ›

Still, by no means does that guarantee that those players will reach The Show, as only 66 percent of first-round picks play in the major leagues.

Who are the top draft picks in fantasy football 2023? ›

Overall Draft Rankings - Jun 25, 2023
RankPlayer (Team)Best
1Christian McCaffrey (RB - SF)1
2Austin Ekeler (RB - LAC)1
3Saquon Barkley (RB - NYG)2
4Bijan Robinson (RB - ATL)2
1 more row

Who to target in fantasy football 2023? ›

Fantasy Football Rankings 2023 - Top 150
  • Justin Jefferson, MIN (WR1)
  • Ja'Marr Chase, CIN (WR2)
  • Cooper Kupp, LAR (WR3)
  • Christian McCaffrey, SF (RB1)
  • Austin Ekeler, LAC (RB2)
  • Travis Kelce, KC (TE1)
  • Saquon Barkley, NYG (RB3)
  • Tyreek Hill, MIA (WR4)
May 31, 2023

Who to keep fantasy football 2023? ›

2023 fantasy football rankings & depth charts
  • Justin Jefferson, Min (WR1)
  • Ja'Marr Chase, Cin (WR2)
  • Bijan Robinson, Atl (RB1)
  • CeeDee Lamb, Dal (WR3)
  • Breece Hall, NYJ (RB2)
  • Jonathan Taylor, Ind (RB3)
  • A.J. Brown, Phi (WR4)
  • Garrett Wilson, NYJ (WR5)
Jun 9, 2023

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