Artist Series Baseball Bat Collaboration (2023)


Rich Kunz of Diligent Visual meets with Don Erickson of Caliburn Bat Company to discuss their collaborative project. Don makes custom wood baseball bats and Rich creates one of a kind paintings on each bat. We would love to hear from you in the comments. What would you like to see next out of this project?

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TITLE: Dudel Rock
ARTIST: Nicolai Heidlas and Stefan Schaulinski


Welcome everybody to the studio today, I'm joined by don erickson of caliburn bat company and we're going to be talking about a project we just collaborated on where don makes wood baseball bats and I paint on wood baseball bats thanks for being here don thanks for having me rich, I appreciate it.

The studios new studio you got it's awesome, looks great and uh.

Yeah we've been really excited with the last six months and some of the collaborations that we've been working on.

So thanks for having me out here, okay, don you and I have known each other for a long time.

We coached baseball together for years, um you're quite a bit older than I am but yeah yeah uh.

So I was actually a student when you began your career but we'll we'll get into that in another video.

When we talk about our life story uh, but you approached me a few months ago with the idea of taking what you do and that is making custom wood baseball bats.

These are maple bats.

Correct, yes- and you have been your business- is growing you're doing a lot of cool stuff, but you were looking for a collaboration, something a little more custom, art series, artist, series bats and we kind of talked about the idea of actually painting on a wood baseball bat.

So we began that process.

We did a joker baseball bat because that's kind of more my forte and then we moved into spider-man and we did it hulk, and recently we talked about maybe moving it back into more of a baseball related thing, since obviously the product is a baseball bat, so um we did this newest one that I haven't really seen since it's been finished.

So this is me seeing it for the first time as well.

Why don't you tell us a little bit about that uh that project that we moved into yeah first few collaborations have been unbelievable and like specifically like the hulk bands, the color involved and the detail, and things like that.

Really incredible stuff- and you know your fans, my fans, really enjoyed seeing those pictures in those videos but, like I said, want to do something different and um.

You know us both being from chicagoland area.

I wanted to pick a baseball player that uh, you know, had some chicago ties, so he is the uh the pride of greenville south carolina, but he played for the white sox, that's shoeless, joe jackson, so there's a little bit of the bat right there, so um a little bit just about the bat itself uh.

This is a bm model which is a big barreled, end loaded, bat, it's a bm, 33 inch, bat and it's got an antique whitewashed finish on the barrel and the handle is black and rich.

Did this incredible painting here hand painted this shoeless, joe jackson, uh, bat and shoelace joe actually played for uh three teams in his career um? He played for the philadelphia a's played for the cleveland naps and then ended up famously with the chicago white sox part of the black sox scandal.


Interestingly enough, you know he was kicked out of baseball, for you know, taking money uh and throwing the 1919 world series, but he actually hit 375 in the series and uh had 12 hits in the series more than any other one player on both the reds or the the white sox um.

So he's an incredible player.

Um, like I said great chicago ties, he's a lifetime.

356 hitter, which is third all-time only ty cobb and the great rogers hornsby have better batting averages.

So should he be in the hall of fame or not, I would say yes, I mean babe ruth said that he was the greatest hitter he'd ever seen and he actually patterned his swing after she lifts joe um.

So I'd love to see him in the hall of fame, but if nothing else, he did make it onto a caliber and bat.

I think it's interesting that you uh you were giving us a little bit of background about shoeless joe, but I was curious as to uh.

Do you know the story of why they call him shoes, joe yeah, actually when he was a youngster playing in a like a semi-pro league for his mill where he worked on south carolina, he bought a new pair of spikes and they were giving him blisters.

So in the middle of the game, he actually took the spikes off uh had to bat an inning.

Later I had bases were loaded and he hit a basis clearing triple and as he got third base.

Uh fans from the other side were heckling, him yelling out shoeless joe shoeless joe, and it ended up sticking yeah.

Absolutely let me check it out.

I want to take a look.

I haven't actually gotten to the to to hold the bat once it's been finished, so a little bit about the uh, the process that we have been collaborating on.

You actually start by making the bat and priming it getting it to a point where it's ready to be painted on and then I'm just using acrylic paints to uh to create the artwork on there, and then I give it back to you, which is why I'm holding it now for the first time since I painted it, and you put the finish on there, the top coat all the you know, really perfect the the process and make it a finished product.

But I think these really really are pretty awesome and uh.

I think anyone would uh any collector would love to have this as part of their display.

You can't hit with these.

If I'm not mistaken right you, if you, if you wanted to yeah, I mean some people will hang those and it won't uh touch a ball, but they are ready to go.

Those are game use bats.

What do you think you would like to see with this artist series of bats with caliburn yeah? I'm really excited with this first one.

It was awesome.

I mean I wanna, I wanna purchase it myself and keep it at uh at home, but um.

No, I I think, uh moving forward.

I I really love to see.

We do um, we just started uh a new color line and one of them is just a real bright.

It's called uh hawkeye, uh gold and it's like a bright yellow.

It's almost like a pittsburgh pirate yellow, so I'd love to see a yellow and black bat with the famous roberto clemente, maybe the number 21 on there somewhere.

I know that he's a fan favorite of a lot of people, so I'd love to see something like that.

You know, as we continue with the baseball series, awesome how about you? What would you like to do? Uh? Well, so I'm really my background is in movies, I'm a big fan of movies and popular culture.

So um, you know, I think, maybe just the painting- that's behind us over here uh from the warriors uh I'd like to see maybe baseball fury on a on a back, since that kind of you know ties in with the whole bat theme you guys have heard what our plans are moving forward into the future.

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas that you would like to see on a custom: wood, baseball bat.

You all know where you can find me at diligent, visual on social media and at

So hopefully I hear from you and don.

Where could fans find you? You can go to our website at and you can find us on all social media platforms at caliburn bats.

All right! Well, thanks for being here thanks for having me thanks for watching like there's like a little button that they put on their laptop or something and then they say, click it and then you can never even miss a video.

That's if you subscribe, yeah.


What bat does Aaron Judge use? ›


What is the trampoline effect? ›

223. or vibrate, then a baseball dropped onto the strings bounces a lot higher than when it is dropped from the same height directly onto the floor. This effect is known as the trampoline effect. It is important in baseball and softball, and it is also important in golf and tennis.

Are AXE handle bats legal in MLB? ›

Yes! Axe bats are legal for use in the MLB. In the past couple of seasons, we have seen baseball stars such as Kris Bryant, Mookie Betts, and George Springer utilize Axe Bats during games.

Why are there no metal bats in MLB? ›

Both the major and minor leagues have banned the metal bat because of the skill level of their participants. Thanks to the “trampoline effect,” a metal bat will have a slight give when connecting with the ball, transferring more energy.

What bat does shohei ohtani use? ›

Shohei's power, like Judge, is top 0.0001% in the world, and his SO17. 4 is sized accordingly. His 34.5 inch, 32 ounce Chandler Maple is as long as any bat in the Bigs except Judge's 35 inch AJ99.

What bat is Bryce Harper using? ›

2021 Bryce Harper Pro Label Wood Bat | Maple Wood Bat | Rawlings.

Is trampoline jumping low impact? ›

Jumping on a trampoline is a low-impact cardio exercise that absorbs 80% of the shock. It takes the pressure off your knees and removes the strain and stress of a hard surface workout.

Does jumping on a trampoline tone your body? ›

Intense, repetitive jumping means that your muscles contract and release more frequently than almost any other exercise. This increases their strength and tones them at the same time. And trampolining doesn't just work out your leg muscles.

What causes most trampoline injuries? ›

Causes of Trampoline Injuries

More than three-quarters of trampoline injuries occur when two or more children are jumping at the same time and collide. Other common causes of trampoline injuries include: Falling on the trampoline mat, frame, or springs. Attempting somersaults, flips, and other risky stunts that go ...

Does MLB allow bamboo bats? ›

Bamboo is very strong and durable, but is not approved for MLB use and requires a BBCOR certification mark for organized play. Birch - Birch bats are a good option for someone who wants the aspects of both maple and ash bats.

What is an illegal bat in MLB? ›

Generally, any tampering that changes the original specifications of the baseball bat will cause the bat to be illegal for any baseball league. Illegal tampering includes adjusting the bat's weight, length, or surface area. Certain levels of the game also have bat specifications that must be adhered to.

Can a MLB pitcher bat? ›

If the pitcher opts to bat for himself, he is treated as two separate positions – a pitcher and a designated hitter (abbreviated P/DH on the lineup card) – and may be substituted for as such (i.e. if he is removed as the pitcher, he may remain as the designated hitter and vice versa).

What is the heaviest bat allowed in MLB? ›

By regulation it may be no more than 2.75 inches (7.0 cm) in diameter at the thickest part and no more than 42 inches (1.067 m) in length. Although historically bats approaching 3 pounds (1.4 kg) were swung, today bats of 33 ounces (0.94 kg) are common, topping out at 34 to 36 ounces (0.96 to 1.02 kg).

Do MLB umpires pay for travel? ›

In addition to their base salary, MLB umpires also receive benefits such as health insurance, pension plans, and per diem expenses for travel.

What bat did Derek Jeter use? ›

The DJ2 (formerly known as the P72) was Jeter's bat of choice for his entire professional playing career. He compiled over 3,400 hits, 250 home runs and 1,300 RBI using a P72. We renamed the model DJ2 in honor of him when he retired in 2014.

What bat did Griffey use? ›

Throughout his career, Griffey clearly preferred Louisville Slugger bats, although he did occasionally use other brands such as Cooper, Rawlings/Adirondack and even the very scarce Nike bats during the mid-1990s.

What bat does Mike Trout swing? ›

Mike Trout's Old Hickory MT27 Bat.

What bat does Fernando Tatis Jr use? ›

Victus FT23 Fernando Tatis Pro Reserve Maple Bat.

What bat does Chris Gayle use? ›

Heaviest Cricket Bats: #2 Chris Gayle

The cricket bat used by Chris Gayle is the Spartan CG Bat, which weighs around 1.36 kg.

What bat did Barry Bonds use? ›

Aside from occasionally swinging a less popular bat brand such as Cooper early on, Bonds used Louisville Slugger bats almost exclusively during the first half of his career.

How many minutes a day should you rebound? ›

Even if you become experienced at rebounding, ten minutes is the best amount of time to devote to this exercise twice each day. Ten minutes provides your body with the full range of benefits rebounding offers in a manageable timeframe while limiting the risk of adverse reactions.

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Should I wear trainers when using the Rebounder? Bungee models – These rebounders are springless and can be used barefoot (we recommend our grip socks for comfort) or with cross trainers. All spring based Rebounders should be used wearing trainers – preferably cross trainers with a stiff midsole.

Is rebounding bad for knees? ›

For the most part, rebounding is not necessarily bad for our knees. However, there are a few situations where we can hurt our knees while using a rebounder. First, we have to consider what kind of a mini trampoline we are using. By that, we mean the quality of our rebounder.

What is 10 minutes on a trampoline equivalent to? ›

A NASA study found that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the equivalent of a 30 minute run. The fact is exercising on a trampoline take less time than running. If you're a busy parent who struggles to find time to exercise you can go for a quick jump right in your backyard!

What does NASA say about rebounding? ›

NASA discovered that rebounding: Can work the entire body without applying excess pressure to the legs and feet. Increases oxygen uptake about 68% more than running does due to the increase g-force. Benefits the body on a cellular level at a greater rate than other methods of exercising.

Why does my chest hurt when I jump on a trampoline? ›

When chest pain strikes during or immediately after exercise, the most common cause is a spasm of the lungs' small airways. Called exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB), it can cause sharp chest pains and make breathing difficult.

Who should not use a trampoline? ›

Children ages 6 or under should never jump on a trampoline. Older kids and adults can safely use one if they follow certain safety precautions. If you decide to buy a trampoline, be sure to enforce the rules. Kids should always be supervised by adults.

At what age are trampolines safe? ›

Safe trampoline use

Wait until your child is older than six years before getting a trampoline. Make sure that only one child uses the trampoline at a time. Always supervise your child on the trampoline. Younger children are more prone to serious injury.

What is safer than a trampoline? ›

Similar to bean bags, large stuffed animals are a safe trampoline alternative. They're big enough for smaller kids to climb on, but they're still easy to move and fit in small spaces. When they're not in use, oversized stuffed animals make an excellent accessory for any child's bedroom.

Does anyone in the MLB use an AXE bat? ›

Jake Cronenworth of the Padres is another MLB player who uses the axe handle bat, as well as new Cubs shortstop Dansby Swanson, power-hitter Kris Bryant, and MVP winners George Springer and Mookie Betts.

Can MLB players use any color bat? ›

NOTE: If the umpire discovers that the bat does not conform to (c) above until a time during or after which the bat has been used in play, it shall not be grounds for declaring the batter out, or ejected from the game. (d) No colored bat may be used in a professional game unless approved by the Rules Committee.

Can MLB players use colored bats? ›

Rule 3.02 (d) of the MLB rulebook states "no colored bats may be used in a professional game unless approved by the Rules Committee," but rules are meant to be broken -- even if the league is trying to cut off a trend before it even starts.

Why was the Marucci Cat 5 banned? ›

Marucci CAT 5 BBCOR

The reason for the decertification was because the CAT 5 made any player a homerun threat. The bats were hotter than the sun's surface and it didn't take long for the governing bodies to notice.

Why is the green Zen illegal? ›

But, make no mistake, the banned CF Zen's are illegal because they are earth burning hot. (They make our best youth bats ever for a reason). Otherwise, your best bet is eBay.

What is bat shaving? ›

What Is Bat Shaving? Bat shaving is the thinning of a barrel's width from the inside. This process artificially increases the bat's trampoline effect. It also lowers the bat's swing weight. Shaving a bat requires the removal of an end cap where a type of lathe then removes shavings on the bat's inner diameter.

What does G stand for in baseball? ›

G – Games played: The number of games the player has appeared in during the current MLB season. AB – At bats: The number of times the player has been at bat, defined as plate appearances minus sacrifices, walks, and Hit by Pitches.

What is C in baseball? ›

Position abbreviations used in Fantasy Baseball
PosWhat it MeansWho is Eligible
CCatcherOnly catchers
CICorner InfieldAny first or third baseman
MIMiddle InfieldAny second baseman or shortstop
IFInfieldAny infielder (1B, 2B, 3B, SS)
13 more rows

Can Ohtani pitch and DH in the same game? ›

Can Shohei Ohtani hit while he pitches in the WBC? World Baseball Classic rules do allow Ohtani to hit and pitch in the same game.

Can MLB players tape their bats? ›

Bat tape has become a more and more popular accessory used by baseball and softball players. Bat tape is not only a way to accessorize the appearance of the bat, but also can aid in improving the grip and comfort of the batting experience. We are even seeing a greater number of MLB players using it.

How heavy was Babe Ruth's bat? ›

The most amazing thing about these bats, though, is that the 36-inch, 38-ounce Ruth bat is the model the Babe used late in his career. According to the Babe Ruth Museum, the bat he used as a younger player weighed 42 ounces.

What size is Albert Pujols bat? ›

Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Baseball Bat: AP5NB Adult 33 inch.

Do umpires get fined for bad calls? ›

Some umpires have been suspended or fined for misapplying rules or allowing teams to engage in rule violations. In fact, umpires get disciplined all the time.

Do umpires get paid for extra innings? ›

Researchers find that during extra innings, baseball umpires make calls in a way that tends to end games sooner. This seems to be because umpires aren't given additional money to work extra innings.

Who is the highest paid MLB umpire? ›

Who is the highest-paid MLB umpire? The highest-paid MLB umpire in history was Joe West, with a salary of $450,000. West was one of the most infamous umpires in baseball, as he was the longest-tenured official in the sport prior to his retirement in 2022.

What do MLB players do with broken bats? ›

"Depending on the damage, sometimes the bats go in the garbage can. Other times they are either given away or given to the team store to sell. Players like that because they get half the money for the bats that sell."

Why do MLB bats have a hole in the end? ›

Cupping out the end removes some of the weight, making the bat more balanced, which in turn, makes it easier to control and easier to swing.

Why did MLB stop using metal bats? ›

Both the major and minor leagues have banned the metal bat because of the skill level of their participants. Thanks to the “trampoline effect,” a metal bat will have a slight give when connecting with the ball, transferring more energy.

Does Aaron Judge use a Louisville Slugger bat? ›

Aaron Judge has shattered the home run record for the American League and you couldn't be more excited! Commemorate this historic accomplishment by grabbing this Louisville Slugger Unsigned Louisville Slugger Logo Bat.

What MLB player used the heaviest bat? ›

Edd Roush. Hall of Famer Edd Roush holds the distinction as the player who used the heaviest bat in MLB history. Roush, who debuted with the Chicago White Sox in 1913, used a 48-ounce behemoth.

What bat does Austin Slater use? ›

2021 Team Issued Birdman Game Model Bat - #13 Austin Slater.

What bat does Manny Machado use? ›

Rawlings Pro Label Manny Machado Maple Wood Bat.

Do any pros use Louisville Slugger bats? ›

Louisville Slugger holds the designation of Official Baseball Bat of Major League Baseball. Their bats are the second-most used among Major League Baseball players with just more than 18% of all players choosing a Slugger.

Was Babe Ruth's bat heavy? ›

Babe Ruth's 1921 Season

Ruth's Polo Grounds bat was different than others because of its weight. His bat weighed 44.6 ounces, which is much heavier than any bat used today. In 2023, most MLB bats don't come close to Ruth's bat weight. The average bat today weighs around 32 ounces.

Has anyone ever used a 42 inch bat? ›

The Longest MLB Baseball Bat

Ruth and DiMaggio, on the other hand, used a 36 inch length bat regularly. MLB regulations allow a bat up to 42 inches, but we've yet to record anyone using a bat larger than 36. Even today, big hitters rarely go much over 34, let alone 35 inches.

What size bat did Ken Griffey Jr use? ›

But would Ken Griffey Jr. hit 40 to 50 home runs every year if he didn't swing his signature 34-inch, 31-ounce Louisville Slugger? Baseball bats are so important to Colorado Rockies left fielder Dante Bichette, he doesn't even endorse one.

What bat does Nelson Cruz use? ›

His weapon of choice at the plate is a Marucci AP5 or Chandler NC23. 3 maple bat with Nike Force Elite batting gloves, Belgard protective gear, and the ProHitter hitting aid.

What bat did Roberto Clemente use? ›

For the bulk of his career, Clemente preferred H&B bats (endorsement contract) and signed with the company in 1954, but he did use some Adirondack (block letter) bats during the final few years of his career.

What bat did Wade Boggs use? ›

With the exception of mixing in an occasional Cooper bat, Boggs used Louisville Slugger and Rawlings/Adirondack bats almost exclusively.

What bat does Jose Altuve use? ›

Your custom maple SAM BAT will take between 3 to 5 weeks to be created by our experienced staff. Each bat is carved to your weight specifications, cupped and painted by hand. Lastly the bat is lasered with your inscription and shipped. The JA27 was designed for Jose Altuve and it is similar to the MC1/CG1 model.

What bat does Julio Rodriguez swing? ›

Victus "J-Rod" Julio Rodriguez Pro Reserve Maple Bat.

What bat does Pablo Sandoval use? ›

Pablo Sandoval has some unique gear. At the plate, Sandoval swings a Tucci Lumber KFP48 maple bat wrapped in a LizardSkin bat wrap with Frankiln Neo Classic II batting gloves. His spikes of choice are New Balance 3000 cleats in a team-specific color combo. Pablo Sandoval's glove is more unique.

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