Campbell vs #15 South Carolina Baseball Highlights, 2023 NCAA Regional Site 15 Game 6 (2023)


Campbell vs #15 South Carolina Baseball Highlights, 2023 NCAA Regional Site 15 Game 6
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Founders Park in Columbia, South Carolina, it's a chance for the Gamecocks to reach the super regionals.

It's South, Carolina, taking on the champions of the Big South.

The Campbell camels, so is Will McGillis four of seven in this Regional and it could be on the way to four for eight and it is go up really exciting guys for the next level.

The 01 hits short hurt, makes the turn pass first heading to Second, and he is out at second base swings at the second Pitch over to Bryce Arnold and a quick first inning and take on the winner of the Gainesville Regional.

If it is Campbell who wins today will go to a game tomorrow for all the Marvels and it's a called third strike.

Arnold swings at the first pitch out towards right field and Ethan Petri territory, and he makes the catch sprayed down the line in the left and it could be extra bases for Tyler Halstead and it is he's, got 3-1 shot us on the board, a two-run blast by Logan Jordan and for Jordan, that is home, run number 11 of the season.

And what do you know? Another game and more runs scored with two outs camel's up 2-0 and the big fly by Logan Jordan.

You just can't get in pitch in hitters counts against this Campbell lineup and it actually worked out better that he didn't walk because he could have walked around the bases after depositing that one almost to the scoreboard and fast situation, 3-0 Line, Drive caught by Brewer out and left over to Riley at third and the play has not made the throw, is offline, Messina, slides ball, for example, you've got the video board, that's going to show you three looks at it before you go and throw, and have a look up.

Coaches on on borderline calls already using their challenges: Casas ground ball to third base and Riley all he can do.

There is step on the back to get the lead, Runner, Messina, Michael, Braswell Lynn, and that ball kicked Away by Grant, nip moving to Third Base 2-2 chopped gonna, be a tough play for Riley gets away from Thompson a run scores is that second base, and it is a 2-1 game things laboring here in the top of the second missing, and it's a walk that loads, the bases foreign ball over to Thompson.

It's fair, the flip and the step on the back by Cummings, but it's a tie game as Costas scores, and it's 2-2 Dove under the bottom of McGillis Gillis goes down swinging as Cummings strikes him out.

Oh, my goodness.

It's unbelievable Harold out to left Center and on the make the catch is Will tip it for the out Grant nip lines.

The first pitch in the left for a base hit an easel one out base runner for the camels.

The camels have reached the regional final and a ground ball here could be two Braswell for one: the relay not a Time fastballs down and Away.

Laying off that breaker was big and a breaking ball there that buckles.

The knees swinging a Miss by Wimmer, the Bisquick pancakes, but nonetheless home cooked much better than uh than going out.

There's a guy.

That's eaten good at the plate.

Ethan Petri, the pancakes, oh DJ I'll, send you the recipe.

It's fantastic Messina with his second hit in regionals on a hit and run, and the ball gets.

Bobbled Messina will go to second base gangster movement well executed by Coleman Cena, hitting it right where the second baseman vacated first pitch swinging is LaCroix Petry scores, Messina scores, 4-2 Gamecocks, a smash by Casas that one is fair: it's off the wall and right Harold tracks it down and sliding safely into.

Second is Casas and it's another run scoring hit.

Gavin Casas this time at first base.

Braswell dumps this one into Center for a base hit as Casas stops at third tip.

It shows bunt puts it down first base side and Thompson flips over to Cummings, and that draws in run number six smart play there by the South Carolina offense and will tip it RBI for will Tippett and Dylan Brewer grounds this one past the glove of Thompson and then Harrell has trouble corralling it heading to second base, and then heading back is Tippett and once again, loss has happened on just 12 pitches for South Carolina, a shot to left way back and gone.

Foreign McGillis continues.

The party at Founders Park, with his 12th home, run of the Season.

It is 9-2 South Carolina, the only one that stands close to it was the inning earlier against Central Connecticut state that South Carolina had where they put up an 11 spot coming into today, a towering Fly ball out to right and Harold.

Is there to end a nightmarish Melbourne into center field and he's got to lead off base hit.

He had a lead off home run against swinging.

A Miss Becker gets Arnold for Route One.

Let's go back, make your pitches execute good point by Halstead and he will be safe at first base, belman advances to Second and it's a punt single for Tyler Halstead, I love that continue a shot to left Center.

This is way back and gone again.

Logan Jordan with his second home run of the game, Swan a three-run homer and he has cut it to a 9-5 game.

Oh well.

If they were just going to lay down, they would just call them the camels, but these camel these camel camels are the fighting camels.

This is an O2 pitch, elevated fastball and Logan.

Jordan is ready.

The now Trail by four winners out to right center and a sliding catch made by Will tipping foreign.

To conclude, the bottom of the third inning but 2-2-2 to Messina hit into the hole and it's a hit for Cole Messina.

So Messina was one of seven at one point in Regional play he's got a couple of hits today: O'brien set and a walk first, two on here for South Carolina Messina, intact 2-2 Casas check, swing fielded by Riley, he'll have to hold for one, and he gets the throw over to Thompson Ford.

That's exactly what you're looking for in a 3-2 count and he walks him.

Braswell has reached base all three times.

The O2 is a cold third strike on will Tippin on the inside part of the plate, and now two down rely on the fastball all right.

The O2 that are on that list have been outstanding in Regional play so far.

It's a lead-off, walk individualism in terms of gloves and look out there on the field too I'm a girl dad, though so anything that girls would like I'm down with, and they would like that if they were South Carolina fans Chopper over to short to the back for one the relay in time.

A double play: Wimmer, takes care of business and takes care of the camels in the bottom of the fourth I said: try to catch him here in the last three coach thanks for your time, we'll let you get back to it, Wimmer to left, and that is gone, a home run to start off the inning and once again, South Carolina puts one in the seats.

Four pitch walk puts Petri at first base and the pitches, and it's his birthday, happy birthday Harper and he gets another birthday gift.

It's another hit, making the turn and heading into third as Petri head.

First, as he goes first to Third, assume that the runner is going to try and push it.

This will score Petri and the throw is in time to get Lacroix, but the lead expands to seven, it's 12-5 South Carolina and no shot at turning fence for the South Carolina Club, and that pitch hits casus Braswell awaiting the 3-1 and he's on yet again a walk to load, the bases and runners 1-1 bouncing away from nip it will score Messina.

Everyone moves up a base, 13-5 South Carolina.

This is what the bases loaded just giving away a run.

Tippett puts this one in the air to left back to the track and caught, but tagging up and scoring is Gavin Casas, it's 14-5, South Carolina 3-2 misses it's another walk honestly I shorter than one on the Run Part.

They are producing a lot of numbers.

I, don't blame you one, two smashed towards center field, but into the glove of Tyler.

Halstead situations get a ball.

Sometimes it's okay, to give it to the person here.

Belvin pops, this one in the air towards Center, and this will drop for a base hit.

It could not make a play on it and it's a lead off single, just missing one two to Arnold swings and misses at an inside pitch 82 miles per hour, Regional next weekend as a part of Super Regional round action, one two swinging, a Miss Halstead is retired.

They haven't put him in the move or on the move yet and another one hit well, but it's not a home run.

It's a single.

Instead, as it drops in front of Dylan Brewer Jen one.

Two, the winners in the air towards right field, Petri, giving Chase and he can't get to it coming in to score- is Belvin Jordan over at third and it out towards right center field, playable in the catch made by Will, Tippin Campbell able to get one back, but still Trail, 14-6 it'll, run yeah, I'm, not sure.

Looking at that, where they've been bad fantastic in every situation and Campbell has helped him out with walks and now hit by pity poor spring leading up to the season.

He didn't even start the season in the starting lineup bobbled by Arnold everybody's, safe and Petri, he's over at first after the error by Arnold hopped in the air and oh nip almost lost that one he's able to hold on base a double with three RBIs he was hit by a pitch.

He walked.

Two runs scored as well blinds this one out to center.

It's a base hit.

Rounding third and heading into score, is Braylon Wimmer and it is 15-6.

South Carolina on an RBI single by Thomas, Lee, Croy 33, runs, hits this one out to Harold and right tagging and heading home and out at whole plate as Ethan Petri and a season 2-2 in the infield and playable and drifting over to foul territory as Lee Croy Riley over two on the day, trying to keep going here against Proctor a shot past the glove of Casas over at first base in the right, and it's a base hit for Chandler.

Oh one, head out towards right center field.

This has some movement to it, and this will bounce over the fence and be an automatic double for dalen.

Thompson see some of the scores around the country and regionals as the super regionals will start to take shape.

Jared Bellman Skies this one in the air towards right center field, and it will be Petri who makes a catch.

Riley will tag up and score.

Thompson advances the third base and it is a 15-7 lead for South Carolina on a run scoring Sac fly Thompson over at third base with two down ground ball over to Wimmer.

It's short makes.

The play makes the throw- and that concludes matters, 1-2 hit sharply to Riley and he makes the play great defensive.

Stop there by Chandler Riley run deals this one hit sharply out towards Center and there to make the catch is Halstead the 0-1 or towards Bryce Arnold, the throw and the out and a quick inning for the Campbell defense.

One two nasty stuff from will Sanders for out one Logan Jordan did he go around? May not matter.

Look one two good night and good luck will Sanders you're going to have to obviously keep South Carolina right where they are and then on.

Offense you got to get busy getting swinging.

A miss and McGillis strikes out to start the eighth, the 1-1 hit out to left and the diving catch cannot be made by winners.

It'll be an extra base hit for Brandon wemmer and the double that eluded him back in the first.

He gets it here in the hole to right field and a base hit.

Putting the brakes on at third is Wimmer, and it's Runners at the corners with one out for Cole Messina, a regional host to do walks.

Heirs have all been punished called third strike on Messina and there's that outside corner again I am a little upset that he kept it and you've got a couple of kids around in the right field.

It's a base hit another run, we'll head in it'll, be Petri over at third Wimmer scores: 16-7 South Carolina, an unbelievable amount approaching 580 pitches during the regional, as Casa strikes out before the first game of this Regional against Central Connecticut state.

He carved through that lineup he's doing the same against Campbell backhanded play made by Lee Croy and it gets away from Casas has Lawson that's Ball Four two on Ellie back to it out towards right center field.

Giving Chase is Tippett who makes the catch and tagging up but getting thrown out at second base brought a lot of Life yeah one two swing and a Miss Sanders gets Thompson and the camp 2-2, and that is a cold third strike as Braswell up by fourth, the moment against Texas, Tech and Tippett strikes out ground ball over to Thompson.

He steps on the bag and we will go to the bottom of the ninth South Carolina three outs away from reaching super regionals and a 2-2 pitch results in a strikeout and one down for South Carolina in the bottom of the ninth we've seen so many of those breaking pitches, another one and another strikeout for Wilson the Super Regional field in its entirety.


For a couple of reasons, 1-1 popped in the air out to left Dylan Brewer is there and South Carolina is on their way to the super regionals.

They win the Columbia Regional 16-7 tonight and they defeat the Campbell camels, ending their 2023 season.


How can I watch Gamecock baseball? ›

South Carolina and Florida will be streamed on the ESPN app and ESPN+.

Who won the South Carolina vs Florida baseball game today? ›

South Carolina baseball down 0-1 in Gainesville Super Regional after 5-4 loss to Florida. GAINESVILLE, Fla. — After a perfect run through the Columbia Regional, South Carolina baseball takes on Florida in its first NCAA Tournament super regional since 2018.

How can I watch Florida vs South Carolina baseball? ›

How to watch Florida vs. South Carolina Gainesville NCAA Super Regional game
  1. Game time: 3 p.m.
  2. Location: McKethan Field at Condron Family Ballpark.
  3. Live stream: ESPN+
  4. TV: ESPN2.
  5. Radio: WRUF (AM 850)
  6. Online radio broadcast:Florida Gators radio broadcast.
  7. Single game tickets: $10-$50.
  8. All-session tickets: $30-$120.
Jun 10, 2023

What was the score of the Super Regional game between Florida and South Carolina? ›

GAINESVILLE – The University of South Carolina baseball team had two Will McGillis home runs and five innings on the mound from James Hicks, but runs in the sixth and eighth innings lifted Florida to a 5-4 win over the University of South Carolina baseball team Friday night (June 9) in game one of the Gainesville Super ...

Did South Carolina State win their game today? ›

Kuhns leads Norfolk State past South Carolina State, 42-38.

Did South Carolina beat Georgia today? ›

Georgia 48-7 South Carolina (Sep 17, 2022) Final Score - ESPN.

What channel is South Carolina and Florida baseball on? ›

South Carolina and Florida will be streamed on the ESPN app and ESPN+.

Do you need tickets for the South Carolina Spring game? ›

Admission to the Garnet & Black Spring Game is free for all fans.

What time is the South Carolina versus Florida baseball game today? ›

South Carolina baseball faces Florida in a Super Regional at Condron Family Ballpark in Gainesville, starting Friday (6 p.m. ET, ESPN2).

Is MLB free with Amazon Prime? ›

Is MLB.TV included with Amazon Prime? MLB TV is not free to Amazon Prime customers. However, it is a package users can subscribe to with Prime Video Channels. Singe-team packages, a subscription tier that only allows users to stream the out-of-marker games of one team, go for $129.99 via Prime.

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How many championships does South Carolina State have? ›

South Carolina State Bulldogs football
Claimed national titles5 (Black College): 1976, 1981, 1994, 2009, 2021
Unclaimed national titles3 (Black College): 1977, 1982, 2008
Conference titles18 (MEAC) *2021 Most Recent
ColorsGarnet and blue
13 more rows

How did South Carolina beat Tennessee in football? ›

With Hooker out, South Carolina went on a 21-0 run to end the game and pull off the massive upset. Backup quarterback Joe Milton III came into the game and threw for 108 yards and a touchdown, but Rattler launched a pair of touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone.

How many people were at the South Carolina Spring game? ›

The South Carolina football spring game was on Saturday, and Gamecock fans were abuzz. A reported 51,000 fans made it to the intrasquad scrimmage (a little more than the announced number from that team in the Upstate).

Has South Carolina ever won a bowl game? ›

They took down the West Virginia Mountaineers 24-21 in the 1995 Carquest Bowl.

How many times has South Carolina beat Georgia? ›

The rivalry started in 1894, and has been played annually since the Gamecocks joined the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 1992, although as a result of SEC expansion, it will cease to be an annual matchup in 2024. Georgia leads the series 54-19–2 through the 2022 season.

Has South Carolina ever made the playoffs? ›

South Carolina posted consecutive 7–6 records in 2008 and 2009, returning to postseason play with appearances in the Outback Bowl and Bowl.

Is it cheaper to live in South Carolina or Georgia? ›

Compared to South Carolina, housing in Georgia is pretty expensive. The average home price in Georgia is around $265,000 in 2022, blowing away the average home cost of South Carolina by roughly 25%.

How many points is Georgia favored against South Carolina? ›

First up on the list was Georgia vs South Carolina with the Bulldogs being a 24-point favorite over the Gamecocks. Head coach Shane Beamer has already gotten his fair share of beatdowns from his former boss, and 2023 might be the same song just a different verse.

Are taxes cheaper in Georgia or South Carolina? ›

In general, property taxes in Georgia are slightly higher than in South Carolina. South Carolina assesses property taxes at 4% market value for primary residents. Homeowners must apply for this primary home rate with their county assessor; otherwise, they are charged at 6% property value.

Does South Carolina have MLB? ›

Although there are no major league professional franchises based in South Carolina, the state does have numerous minor league teams.

What channel is Fox South Carolina? ›

WFXB, channel 43, is a Fox-affiliated television station, serving the Grand Strand and Pee Dee regions of South Carolina.

What channel is TN vs South Carolina on? ›

Tune in to see the title game Sunday at 3:00 PM, live on ESPN. Here's what you need to prepare for Sunday's college hoops action. NCAA Basketball odds courtesy of Tipico Sportsbook. Odds updated Sunday at 6:19 AM ET.

How much is USC spring game? ›

Tickets are free for all fans wanting to attend the spring football game but advanced reservations are required for entry. Parking for the game is $35.

Is South Carolina game sold out? ›

The matchup marks the fourth sellout this season. GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gators will close the 2022 home schedule in front of a packed house as next week's matchup against South Carolina has been sold out, the Gators Ticket Office announced Friday.

How much are tickets to the Georgia South Carolina game? ›

Georgia tickets for home games typically cost $149, but this varies from game to game and may be different when South Carolina are visiting. Tickets to see South Carolina at home resell for an average of $101, and again, this is subject to change based on the matchup, day of week, and even the weather.

What is the record between Clemson and South Carolina baseball? ›

History of the rivalry

Clemson leads the all-time series 185-143–2 and has historically thrived at home, with a 65% win rate at Doug Kingsmore Stadium. South Carolina is also at its best on home turf, though its winning percentage is lower at 54%.

How many hours is a minor league baseball game? ›

Since introducing a 14-second timer with no one on base and an 18-second clock with runners on, 9-inning minor-league games have lasted an average of 2 hours, 39 minutes. That's compared to an average minor-league game time of 2:59 without pitch clocks in 2021, and an average run time of 3:03 in 2021.

Who does South Carolina play in the Super Regionals? ›

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The University of South Carolina baseball team will play in its 14th super regional in school history as the Gamecocks travel to Gainesville, Fla., to face second-seeded Florida in the Gainesville Super Regional.

What station is the Gamecock game on? ›

1075 The Game | iHeart.

What channel streams baseball? ›

Major League Baseball is back, and you can catch nationally televised games on FOX, FS1, TBS, ESPN, and MLB Network. But you'll also need access to your regional sports network (RSN) to catch most of your local team's games. We recommend DIRECTV as the best TV provider for watching the 2023 MLB season.

How can I watch college baseball on ESPN? ›

You can stream the full schedule of college baseball games on linear TV (ESPN, BTN and Pac-12 Network) via Fubo TV (purchase a subscription here — affiliate link ) or Sling.

How can I watch baseball games on Fox? ›

As far as being able to watch the games, those airing on that Fox flagship station are easy enough to watch, as Fox is a available through all traditional pay-TV cable providers and even if you still use a TV antenna, as well as being carried by the major live TV streaming services, including FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, ...

What time is the Gamecock walk before game? ›

Arrive early to get a prime spot, Gamecock Walk begins approximately 2.5 hours prior to kickoff. Stick around after the walk to get a picture with our live mascot, Sir Big Spur.

Will South Carolina spring game be televised? ›

The annual South Carolina Garnet and Black spring game is set for 7 p.m. on Saturday at Williams-Brice Stadium with SEC Network+ and ESPN+ streaming the contest. Chris Carlin and Roman Harper will have the call on TV. The first half will have 12-minute quarters, while the second half will have 10-minute quarters.

Where can I watch the South Carolina Spring game 2023? ›

How To Watch: Garnet and Black Spring Game
  • Gameday: Saturday, April 15th, 2023.
  • Game time: 7:00 pm ET.
  • TV: SEC Network Plus.
  • Stadium: Williams-Brice Stadium (Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Live stream on fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial!
Apr 15, 2023

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College World Series games are being broadcast on live TV via ESPN and ESPN2. However, if you don't have cable or satellite, you can watch the College World Series with a live TV streaming service that carries ESPN and ESPN2, or with ESPN+.

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Watch Fox Sports - Free Live TV. Tubi.

Can you watch games on Fox for free? ›

Frequently Asked Questions. Is the FOX Sports app free? The app is free to download. But to have access to live games, highlights, shows, news, and more you must have a Pay TV subscription.

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