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Right here, what is up guys, your boy Stephen canez back at it again guys we got the fourth ever Valley boys, Derby, hey.

We got a ton of contestants, a ton of bombs and a special thanks to El Rancho High School.

For helping me put this on.

It's gonna be amazing.

We got a ton of contestants, so we're gonna get started.

A winner gets a cash prize and dripped out in Valley boys.

Gears always get it hey, but first, let's get a baby to the intro foreign very happy to be here.

Gonna have a fun day with these guys.

Sorry baby got my boy Austin bro introduce yourself I'm Austin I'm committed LSU I'm with short sock with TJ.

Oh man I hear that bomb.

Yes, sir TJ bombs, yo got the guy.

Oh and Martin, AKA Omar, Long, Beach State commit let's go bro have some fun.

Yes, sir, we got my guys that clasher, what's good bro, you have a commit I'm ready to be this guy to hit some bomb.

Let's go: bro flashbacks gbg double on the Gap over there and I tried to stretch it the second base.

You guys remember that Legend professional Sunday Leaguer Pete Soto, what's good bro, let's go home guys.

We can rig baby.

Let's go all right.

Let's go bro introduce yourself, sir.

Let's go bro! Yes, sir from Oklahoma.

You know back at sea level, baby black at sea level like wink, Fresno, State I'm just here so I don't get fined.

Let's go got my guy.

Okay, Ramos bro, hey he's a sleeper pick: okay, we're almost Colorado Christian University D2 life still matter.

Yes, sir hi Mom.

Let's go bro, introduce yourself: okay, okay, you gonna hit some tanks there or what bro uh yeah all right.

Hopefully he does what up Alex Richardson I'm committed and I'm hoping to get one out today, one out hey that might get you the first round.

What up Grand, Cabo, I'm, gonna, try and you know, show my Opera around a little bit but we'll see how it goes.

Usc, USC, third insane amount of demon commits hey I'm, Alden I'm out of Chico State freshman, just hoping to represent my POS out here today, po power po power.

Let's go guys right now we're still waiting on my homie Leo.

He was the past Derby winner, I, don't know! Where he's at look at these kids, all right, Leo! You came in late, but hey you're, the past Derby winner, listen I got seniority over these kids.

You know what I mean I'm.

Also the reigning champ.

So I can do what I want dude.

You know what I mean: I haven't swung a bat since uh rec league softball in October he's got the best for that bro I gotta.

Keep that a secret he's also got the fit too bro what you rocking I, don't know what to call this.

You know what I mean it's a young, La shirt and I cut the sleeves off.

You know it's more like Airy that way.

You're gonna hit some Aquaman bombs today, yeah exactly I miss my Aquaman bombs and huge shout out to my guys.

El Rancho coach is right here: the valley boys, my father, my boy Thomas Keller baby, and we got my guy Chris AKA Uncle slam helped me out too bro.

We got my guy coach Sanchez with wow factor and lastly, we got my boys from Dodger films.

We got Gabe Austin and my guy Ryan AKA little Kirsch and we got the L Rancho High School team can help a shag as well.

Gonna get some balls off the roof, but hey guys, let's get started, we're gonna warm up, but yeah.

Let's get it wait.

Bro is that coyote bro wait hey that thing's, not moving I didn't know if I should enter the field bro.

This is a hazard, bring it from home.

Is it your pet? Hey they gotta scare off the seagulls bro anywhere that any can at El Rancho.

We got Leo, given some high school tips right now, yeah I'm telling them that one day, they're gonna forget everything about high school, mainly, but remember the things that happened on the diamond on this baseball I'm, a diamond respect the field respect every time you're on here.

It could be your last time on this field.

I should have focused on defense.

More you know, maybe I would have gotten drafted.

You get older.

You know what I'm saying dude hey.

Are you ready for the Derby, though yeah yeah I'm ready for the Derby dude, guys warm-up's going good? The ball is not really flying.

You know that's okay, because we're trying to eliminate a lot of guys in the first round.

It's gonna be a lot of guys.

We got cave eight.

He put the cleats on now the easy, slides, weren't working out, but guys we're gonna get started right now.

Let's explain the rules all right guys.

We are starting the first round.

We're gonna go first round 10 outs Ball's not flying today we're gonna, let everybody use whatever bat they want.

These are included illegal bats, we'll see if they can find one they could use.

It got a lot of people first round, gonna cut it down to six.

Afterwards, let's get it started baby round one fine, all right guys.

We got Dodger films, game right here, yeah guys, I gotta take their pitches, bro, hey Grant, where's, the Z one I gotta, carving people up man.

Oh man, you want zero.

You want a negative one for the swinger yeah I appreciate you Gabe for starting off.

That was rough though huh, oh I, think so um.

These are some barrels.

Bro, hey hot boy, hey made to the second round baby.

Oh boy, rapping for the D2 lives matter baby.

You need two demons.

We got my boy Austin LSU commit.

Let's see what he can do, hey you think he's popping one out.

Bro I've never used this Visa.

Before okay, wait bro, we got the Van Cleef right here.

Custom cleats baby bands hit some Bob's into Vans bro, that's so bad hey! Next we got my guy Jay guy here from tour.


Here we go Jake is that out yeah one might do it is that we didn't even look at that.

Hey a little sleeper pick, I guess: bro I didn't I.

Wasn't expecting this he's he's gas though I don't know, Jake wanted to be so leaked I.

Don't even think he took BP go bro, oh Jake bro.

Did you even warm up a little bit? He just hopped right in there didn't even get an intro bro.

That's my thing: baby torque Sports! Let's get it all right! We got my guy Zach out here using the Beezer for the first time.

I was actually looking with you bro, let's see if we can get some yeah is he gonna get some bro? That's enough here we go Zach.

That was rough.

Oh man, that was enough juice.

Today, all right guys.

Next we got my guy Omar Zach, sadly didn't get any, but you think Omar's gonna get a hold of something.

Bro I've, never seen him freaking swing a bath in my life.

I have he's getting at least it's pretty raw.

He went like four for four off me, not me, but, like my team, do you want to commit swing? Beaches go that's towering! Oh yeah, come on hey, that's one! That's okay! You're on the board baby you're on the board! All right! We got my sleeper pick.

Abraham was right here.

Oh my golly! Oh no, that hit an invisible wall.

Et come on come on baby.

No, the balls are hitting walls in the air all right guys.

Now, Leo is up.

Let's see what he can do it how's Leo, looking right now, bro, it's too old to be here, this guy's down to nine outs yeah.

It's not looking good for Matt Leo former champion excited because I started didn't have it today.

Oh man, ball wasn't flying bro.

It's a shame to see it bro.

Shame to see my Champion didn't make it.

He didn't make it past the first, but it's all good got a bunch of guys advancing about the same time.

Next up we got the boy Grant hidden in Vans, bro, USU commitment hits it out in advance.

Is that trouble? Let's go nuke? Oh hey swing is pretty birdy though come on.

Hey man, these are it wasn't working broke.

The bees are just died.

We gotta do a second game.

It's like a derby rip for the boy right here.

What grabbing for El Rancho our quads are crazy.

Popping on the shorts, you guys closer giant bro.

We had a leg day together.

We need a leg day with this man, hey I'm boy.

You got one bro.

He made it to the top five.

We only got one more spot for the second round.

Let's see if my boy alex can get, it was lit, stay right there dude.

That was the tank.

My boy alex made on the board.

Bro hey what does it? That's all good.

It's dwindling down, bro, first round's ending! It's got my guy Evan right here from Oklahoma there's some missiles, hey guys if I hit tracks or any uh metric brand is watching this.

Let's get it, let's sponsored for the next one bro.

We love to see the exit video on these guys, we'll go to New York, we'll make that a question mark for now.

I just asked my boy Rome over there.

If it was a home run, went to New York, basically in no bueno, ah no bueno, oh it's closer bro I got robbed dude.

You totally got yeah.

We already got six in boys, uh Zach was trying to get in there.

We got a couple more guys, gotta, wait and see, and that is out.

Maybe dude.

That's two is that two: that's two: okay, but I.

Don't I, don't think! Oh Off, the Wall bro Off, the Wall, sneaking one right there sneaky sneaky, but deadly Pete.

How we feeling man, professional professional, Sunday, Leaguer stacking up against the D1 guys.

What do you think? Don't let me get hot? That's all I got don't know if you get hot I'm, really rooting for this guy I love, pizza, bro, Pete, Soto, bro he's got the best mic'd up moments in Sunday, League bro keep going.

Oh, my God.

If you hit one off the wall, bro come on Off the Wall man just breathe baby.

You know a couple wall scrapers.

When was it on my side today, that's all I got I.

Did it uh legally, a lot of guys? Did it illegally? We're, not gonna.

Talk about those sleeper pick right here.

Sleeper pick right here.

Oh my God keep what keep watching in the sleepers.

Oh, that liner, oh my God, get off me.

Yeah he's still going boys dude! You showed out bro.

How are you feeling after that round man hey what a secret place in the second round? Oh boy, my man doesn't talk.

Oh, let's go he's not in there baby for the coaching staff.

Let's go: hey wow factor baseball.

Let's go to break competition out here, good atmosphere out here with the valley boys, oh Rancho, we're gonna, keep going yes, sir! Come around here we go all right.

Guys first round is over we're.

Gonna explain the second round.

Second round Jake bear and molubai advance to the finals.

They hit a bunch of bombs, man we're gonna, just let them buy the second round and everybody else.

They're gonna fight for that third spot in the finals, guys anybody that had one oh you're in the second round right now, one winner out of the second round is gonna, make it to the final.

So did you get it? You wanna go first Zone round round, oh see ya! Wallbanger bro got one! That's my friend today, not today, man, he snuck in there.

Let's see how it plays out bro that was a new guy got one hey stuck one out of there: hey Alex, sneaking one in baby Alex Richardson in the lead right now, I'm gonna hit two out right now.

You're gonna be Alex right here, bro I'm, here too hey you're in the leaderboard for the second round.

Oh come on, get going back back.

Give me 10 right now.

Some water by you he's making me feel a lot better about myself.

Come on Omar! Oh, that was tight.

You gonna be Alex right here, bro I'm, here too, oh dude at least I'd be Zach.

So it's fine.

Okay, all right, bro, no homers! All right guys.

We got my dad the goated VP thrower of all time on about 1 250.

Oh my God, a dad's, a trooper he's on that Valley boys grind right now, hey we got a little curses on that was Ryan got us in a box out here.

Who do you have your eye on? That's winning it bro, hey I got mullify bro Lefty! Oh my God shout out to my pops bro man that Valley was mentality all right.

We got my guy Alden out here, two to Ty, Alex, Richardson dude, what you thinking! What's your mentality coming into this bro I think I'm about to hit a walk-off while I'm a left, Center and back flip.

It and Jog around bases again flying around so a bowl man.

You gotta get three foreign Alex, how you feeling bro how's he looking right now, I, don't know, bro he's a pretty big dude, so I'm kind of scared, but I I'm feeling pretty good.

My guy Alex is a junior too bro just competing against college.

Guys old man, yeah I, didn't do my best everyday thing.

Everyday thing: yes, sir, those balls were hit hard bro, you know, didn't, have a launch angle, but it sucks try.

My best still out here represent the g2s rip out for the D2 demons CEO.

So honestly, don't gotta worry about it, but had a great time.

Yeah sir Valley boys bro, born and raised all right guys.

We have made it to the final round.

We got the top three contestants that made it out.

We got my guy molova right here.

Long Beach State commit he hit three in the first round, advance to the finals baby.

We got Jake the leader of the pack, bro hit for a retired, not washed up Sir.

Look at my guy Alex Richardson baby, just the junior bro ready to shock some heads and yeah advance to the finals.

Gonna get after it yo my dad's, throwing a complete game ever bro.

Let's go hey appreciate you father.

Yes, sir all right guys, let's get it rolling final round, nope all right, bro, all right! All three rounds lost.

It gave your best shot.

Bro hit a couple.

Sky High come back better than ever all right.

We're definitely gonna see him in the next one right here.

That was way out.

Bro I am 12.

Oh, is that a millennia? Oh, thank you Guys! These people are getting hit hard.

Yes, sir, that's respect, dude! That was a tank bro! Three! You are him bro.

You are him not a boy bro? Oh my God! That's on the that's on the track.

Oh God! Oh no, doubter! Follow me right here.

That's three right! There Tight Ball, Game high ball game.

Will he walk it off and Jake bear wins the valley boys Derby? Let's go! Let's go hey our boy.

Yes, sir, had to show the Young Buck dude I had to come out of retirement.

Hey yes, sir, we got Jake bear winning it record for sports sports.

There you go Deck Down in Valley boys.

Let's go baby, hey! Thank you! Everybody for coming out to the valley, boys, Derby, the fourth one.

If you guys want to fish comment down below make sure you guys, like comment subscribe.

If you're new to the channel join the valley boys, we get after that grind every single day, no matter the hate, no matter the doubt we get that working baby and we show out you guys.

I'll see me on the video today.

Okay, get it go.


What is the payout for the Home Run Derby? ›

As part of an agreement between MLB and the MLB Players Association prior to the 2019 season, the Home Run Derby prize pool was increased from $725,000 to $2.5 million. The winner takes home a cool $1 million of that total. How can fans get involved?

How do you get invited to the Home Run Derby? ›

Overview. Eight players, who are generally on the All-Star Game rosters (though this is not necessitated by rule), are selected for the Home Run Derby and compete in a traditional playoff system where the players with the most home runs advance to the next round.

How does the Little League Home Run Derby work? ›

In each division, the batter with the most home runs will be champion. A home run is defined as a ball hit over the fence in fair territory. If there is a tie in any division, all tied batters will compete in a one swing “swing‐off”, until only one batter remains.

Who won the home run hitting contest last night? ›

The subject of much speculation at the All-Star Game, Washington Nationals slugger Juan Soto won the 2022 Home Run Derby on Monday, topping 21-year-old Seattle Mariners phenom Julio Rodriguez in the final.

Do players get paid to participate in the Home Run Derby? ›

All players selected are required to attend unless injury prevents them from doing so and are given a $1,000 stipend. Recognizing the popularity of the side show over the game itself, MLB will spread a total $2.5 million among the eight Home Run Derby participants, with the winner taking home a cool million.

Does the Home Run Derby raise money? ›

The tenth annual home run event was a smashing success: the Cowboys raised $86,500 for the Salvation Army and Reliant donated $117,000 in total to 23 local nonprofit organizations.

Why do you get a bonus in the Home Run Derby? ›

Each player is given three minutes to hit as many home runs as possible within the first two rounds of the competition and two minutes during the final round. Batters can also earn bonus time if they hit a home run that travels 475 feet or more.

What is the curse of the Home Run Derby? ›

Most studies have concluded that the Derby itself does not impact players. Yet, Dave Cameron wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2009 that the curse is real, with one player in each of the past four years (2005-2008) who hit at least 10 home runs in the event went on to see their power disappear in the second half.

Is the Home Run Derby free? ›

Home Run Derby is a cool baseball game by Silvergames.com that you can play online and for free.

Who sponsors the Home Run Derby? ›

Cryptocurrency exchange company FTX was the title sponsor, in continuation of a partnership with MLB announced in mid-2021. The Red Sox won the 2022 tournament.

How does a baseball player qualify for the Home Run Derby? ›

Players selected to participate in the Derby are those leading the league in power hitting in the first half of the season and so are, for all except the best of players, performing at a level above their average statistics.

Can a pitcher be in the Home Run Derby? ›

They are the Home Run Derby pitchers. "There's a certain speed, certain touch, certain rhythm and you get into the feel of the hitter," Dino Ebel said. "And as a BP thrower, you start to feel that and now you're in sync with him when he's swinging the bat.” Ebel has worked in pro baseball since the late 1980s.

Where was the farthest home run hit? ›

The longest verified home run in American professional baseball history didn't even happen in the majors. In 1987, Joey Meyer of the Triple-A Denver Zephyrs launched a moonshot into the second deck of Mile High Stadium. City of Denver engineer Jerry Tennyson was able to verify the distance of the home run at 582 feet.

What is the most home runs ever hit? ›

Barry Bonds holds the Major League Baseball home run record with 762. He passed Hank Aaron, who hit 755, on August 7, 2007. The only other players to have hit 700 or more are Babe Ruth with 714, and Albert Pujols with 703.

What is the record for the longest home run ever hit? ›

1. Babe Ruth, 575 Feet (1921)

How much bonus time in Home Run Derby? ›

Each contestant receives 30 seconds of bonus time after the regulation time expires. Additionally, the contestants can receive an additional 30 seconds of bonus time if they hit at least two home runs that equals or exceeds 440 ft (134.11 m) during regulation.

What happens if you tie in Home Run Derby? ›

In the event of a tie, a 60-second swing-off will take place with no stoppage of time. If two players still remain tied, three swing-offs take place until the tie is broken.

Is the Home Run Derby chain real? ›

The Home Run Derby winner will receive a hand-made custom chain and pendant, according to TMZ Sports. The chain features the words “Derby Champ” in Swarovski crystals, and even includes a crown plated in 18-karat gold.

How much money can you make from the Kentucky Derby? ›

First Place: $1.86 million (10% or $186,000 of which goes to the jockey) Second Place: $600,000 (5% or $30,000 of which goes to the jockey) Third Place: $300,000 (5% or $15,000 of which goes to the jockey)

What is a hit a thon fundraiser? ›

Holding a Hit-a-thon Fundraiser is a fun and simple way to raise money for your league or team. Players raise money by asking friends and family to donate per foot or hit. Keep it Simple with 99Pledges. Each player gets an online pledge page. They get online pledges per hit or foot.

How to do a Home Run Derby fundraiser? ›

Other Ways to Raise Money at a Homerun Derby

Have team members walk through the stands with baseball scratch cards. This is a fun, interactive way to collect more cash. Have fundraising team members bring their cornhole setups to the event and charge attendees a small fee to play a few rounds.

Has anyone ever hit 0 home runs in a Home Run Derby? ›

These aren't the only players to go without a home run in the Home Run Derby. Gary Gaetti (1989), Chris Sabo (1991), Howard Johnson (1991), Greg Vaughn (1996), Gary Sheffield (1996), Troy Glaus (2001), Bret Boone (2003) and Brandon Inge (2009) all finished with zero home runs during their time in the event.

How much did Soto win in Home Run Derby? ›

LOS ANGELES -- Juan Soto won $1 million on Monday with a swing that is worth plenty more. Shaking off trade rumors that threatened to sully his All-Star week, Soto beat a legend and held off a rookie to win the Home Run Derby and the big-money prize that accompanied it in front of a sold-out Dodger Stadium crowd.

Who is the youngest guy to win the Home Run Derby? ›

By the end, it was all about the two young superstars in Soto and Rodríguez. The two put on a show all night, but Soto walked it off in the final round with 19 home runs. He became the second-youngest winner in Derby history at 23 years, 266 days old -- just one day older than Juan González was when he won it in 1993.

How much are bleacher seats at Home Run Derby? ›

All-Star and Home Run Derby tickets start at $8 for general admission and $12 for reserved seating to each event. $20 All-Star MVP Packages, which include reserved seating to the HR Derby, All-Star Game, and Opening Night Gala, are available by calling the Generals front office at 731-988-5299 or online.

How much are tickets for the Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium? ›

Then, there's the fact that it is in historic Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which is in the second largest baseball market by population. According to TicketSmarter, average tickets prices are going for $533.

Is the Home Run Derby fun? ›

To put it simply, the Home Run Derby brings us the only night of the baseball year that exists solely for fun. It's an exhibition. Its results don't actually matter to the overall scheme of things. But at the same time, it doesn't have the snooze-fest energy of a spring training game.

Who turned down the Home Run Derby? ›

turns down Home Run Derby to protect wrist. TORONTO – Vladimir Guerrero Jr., turned down an invitation to participate in next month's Home Run Derby, not wanting to risk a flare-up of the left wrist soreness he experienced back in May.

Who is the Home Run Derby favorite? ›

Pete Alonso

Where is the 2024 Home Run Derby? ›

Major League Baseball has announced the 2024 All-Star Game and Home Run Derby will take place at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field features a retractable roof and a capacity of more than 40,000. The venue opened during the summer of 2020 amidst the pandemic.

Who has the most hrs in the HR Derby round? ›

Giancarlo Stanton - 61 Home Runs (2016)

In order to achieve a grand total of 61 home runs, Stanton hit 24 in the first round, 17 in the second round, and 20 in the final round to capture the Home Run Derby title.

How many players participate in the Home Run Derby? ›

Rodriguez is the first player to commit to the 2023 Home Run Derby. There will be eight participants in total.

How many home runs did Rodriguez hit in the Home Run Derby? ›

Last year's Home Run Derby is where Rodríguez became a household name, absolutely obliterating baseballs in the process of hitting eight more first-round home runs and eight more second-round home runs than any other player.

How fast do BP pitchers throw? ›

The perfect batting-practice pitcher throws everything over the plate around 50-60 miles per hour. Some coaches do have a talent for consistently repeating their mechanics to make this possible.

Has a pitcher ever hit a walk off home run? ›

According to the “SABR Baseball List & Record Book,” there have been 32 walk-off home runs hit by pitchers (including one apiece in the American Association and Federal League). Today, we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the most recent occurrence.

Has a pitcher ever hit a home run? ›

The first pitcher to officially hit a home run was Jack Manning, who accomplished the feat on August 3, 1876. The most home runs by a pitcher in a single game is three, achieved by Jim Tobin on May 13, 1942.

Has anyone ever hit a 500 foot home run? ›


Stanton belted the first 500-foot homer in Statcast™ history by extending way up the Coors Field bleachers in the left-center power gap. It took a Stanton-ian combination of a 115.8-mph exit velocity and a very low 18-degree launch angle for Stanton to reach that part of the park.

Has anyone ever hit 70 home runs? ›

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa surpassed Maris' 61 home runs in 1998, with McGwire ultimately resetting the bar at 70 longballs. Another bopper synonymous with baseball's steroid era, Barry Bonds, toppled that total with 73 dingers in 2001.

Has anyone ever hit 70 home runs in a season? ›

Mark McGwire, STL, 1998 (70 homers): Roger Maris' single-season record of 61 homers had stood since 1961, when he broke Ruth's 1927 record of 60. But that record was no match for McGwire in 1998, who hit 70 home runs to set a single-season record.

Who has the fastest bat speed in MLB history? ›

Here are the hardest-hit baseballs in MLB history
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays – 117.9 mph.
  • Luis Robert, Chicago White Sox – 117.8 mph.
  • Jorge Soler, Miami Marlins – 117.6 mph.
  • Yordan Alvarez, Houston Astros – 117.4 mph.
  • Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers – 117.2 mph.
  • Rowdy Tellez, Milwaukee Brewers – 116.9 mph.
Aug 24, 2022

Has anyone ever hit a 600 foot home run? ›

What about Mickey Mantle? There are stories of his 600-foot home runs or treating old Yankee Stadium like it was his own personal Little League field.

What is the shortest homerun in history? ›

Playing for a minor league team called the Minnesota Millers back in 1900, Andy Oyler hit the shortest home run in the history of the entire world. The home run traveled only 24 inches—that's right, two feet! On a rainy day in Minnesota, Oyler made solid contact and took off to first base.

What is the fastest pitch in baseball history? ›

Aroldis Chapman's 105. 8 mph fastball is the fastest pitch recorded in baseball history. On that same day, Chapman threw a 105.4 mph pitch, the third-fastest pitch ever.

What is the farthest baseball ever thrown? ›

Gorbous holds the current world record for longest throw of a baseball, 135.89m (445 feet, 10 inches). The feat took place on August 1, 1957, while he was playing for the Omaha Cardinals of the American Association.

How many minutes do you get in the Home Run Derby? ›

There are three rounds in the MLB Home Run Derby. The first two rounds are three minutes long, and the final round is two minutes long.

Why isn t Mike Trout in Home Run Derby? ›

Complete coverage: MLB All-Star Game in L.A.

After competing in the derby, he hit 10 homers in 273 plate appearances in the second half. Angels star Mike Trout has resisted repeated requests to participate in the derby, not because it might lead to bad swing habits but because of the injury risk.

What was the controversy with the Home Run Derby? ›

As it turns out, both ESPN – who televised the event – and MLB officials scoring the contest, incorrectly kept track of the Derby. The broadcast and MLB miscounted a number of crucial swings from the bat that effected not only the Derby results, but also the pockets of plenty watching from home with skin in the game.

Why do you get bonus time in the Home Run Derby? ›

Additional bonus time could be earned for distance. Players who hit at least two home runs measuring at least 420 feet (128.0 m) are given an extra minute of bonus time. An additional 30 seconds of bonus time is granted if at least one home run measures over 475 feet (144.8 m).

What is the farthest home run ever hit in a Home Run Derby? ›

Judge slammed this home run of 513 feet deep into left field, so high that the fans in the last row of Marlins Park, Judge's former home field before his move to the Yankees, were closest to catching it as it fell. Judge would go on to win the derby that year, accumulating 47 total home runs.

What is the 30 second bonus in the Home Run Derby? ›

Each contestant receives 30 seconds of bonus time after the regulation time expires. Additionally, the contestants can receive an additional 30 seconds of bonus time if they hit at least two home runs that equals or exceeds 440 ft (134.11 m) during regulation.

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