HOME RUN DERBY | Bat Bro Will vs. D1 signees Pete Craska & Drew Burress (2023)


The Bat Bros are joined by Georgia Tech commits Drew Burress (4th-ranked HS outfielder in the 2023 class) and Petey Craska (6th-ranked 1st baseman in the 2023 class) for a home run derby at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.

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Here are links to the bats we used today if you wanna check em out:
Victus MH17 Birch: www.justbats.com/product/victus-pro-reserve-mh17-mitch-haniger-birch-wood-baseball-bat--vrwmmh17-nt/31670/
Victus Nox 2021 BBCOR: www.justbats.com/product/victus-nox-bbcor-baseball-bat--vcbn/33444/
1997 Easton Reflex Extended: sorry you can't buy that


All right folks we'll throw together Home Run Derby right here.

We got three rounds, one with wood, one with BB core one with the juice Easton reflex, five outs: each round an extra base hit p-rod line, drives half a point, a ball off the wall is one point and a nuke is three points all go: first, PD, second Cruise.

Third, let's go boys; let's do it all right: wood, bat, I'm, going with the victus Mitch haniger Bert! Oh so that's half a point that is half a point that is a p Rod double see we gotta order, those hits.

You know what I'm saying and that's two points come on.

I told you guys I don't lose a lot of these triple play.

One out thousand piece, though, is it a double true? Birth, you're in center field? Is that a double all right? That's zero! Two out! Definitely not a double Obama! That's true! Td catches that, on the fly two outs line out you get barrels, though foreign.

Yes, oh, that's so clutch that is so close.

Seven I'm, sorry, boys, I, think I hit that out come on.

Oh, no, all right does Drew catch that ball.

I'm kissing that ball all right, PD PD Speedy, the jet.

What are you swinging? Uh I'm swinging, the Miss Hannah as well, so my bad yeah all right go eat pee come on, don't worry about it! Pity! That's a double! See! That's oh! Come on stay in, but dude I don't know.

Oh, that is an out fit Drew.

Where did where did it? I think that one had some hang on there? If it was more of a line, I I'm, just I mean I, don't know so.

Half Point went out yeah yeah.

You can have that you can have that good thing.

You're strong one full point.

What okay, so is your plan just hit? 14 backside doubles all right.

Another half point I mean we could be here all day.

This is a clinic dude! Oh, is that a double Drew? That's not that's, not a double but ow, two outs.

It was a good twin! Oh that, oh that's two.

Do you think you have to know that you hit it hard enough? It probably wasn't double, but do you think that's a double I think that's that's top spinning away from the right fielder we'll give it to you.

Well I! Think you hit it exactly where it was you're, a good guy.

We'll give it to you all right back right now see that's not a dump! That's a good hit, though.

That's a really good hit.

Four apps all right come on Barrel! That's all you got! Oh another half Point, that's so annoying you're gonna have to hit a bomb to win this.


Six doubles! Oh, we got under it.

Maybe it's kind of a short porch.

Oh you got it out.

So he has six total points.

Now, all right, seven I got seven.

Oh yeah I shouldn't have given it to me.

Oh you guys should have given it to me really needed you to not hit that out right.

There single get out.

You're done five ounce, all right, Drew, uh same bat, all right, Drew come on baby.

Nine points stay in trouble all right! That's a that's! A poke! That's good! Launch! Drew, I, I catch it all right, foreign! We're all! Pretty close to it, yeah yeah he's got short porch dang that soup nine I'm in another one too clutch.

That's a moon ball, though technically yeah, all right.

We got the BB core bat.

Now we're actually gonna go a few less outs, because it's it's metal, bat.

So we're gonna go five outs first round four out second round three outs: third round with the 90s bat so got the victus Knox here see how she goes same rules, foreign yeah.

Oh that's, gonna, be hard to count.

Come on hit the fence that was way on the hands get out yeah.

That is huge.

That four points my dude's right.

He did not hit the Phantom over Am I, Wrong 11 and a half just wait.

Till I hit the barrel, remember, sold out one out ten and a half we're doing double there.

Yeah go with one out two outs: oh, that was an absolute tank.

That's three points.

That's definitely three points.

If I just hit two numbers right here, I'll still be happy.

Three outs out: yeah, dude, honestly honestly, wait where'd that land I I didn't I lost sight of it.

It went over the fence, say what you will about bb4 these bats are hotter than weapons you gotta get out of here, though.

What do you think? That's not a doubles too hard to see it though yeah I'll.

Take that all right, four outs, all right, yeah, that's three! If you hit the building I'll, give you six points.

That's 12 right, yeah, oh okay! No, it's a good single! They sit mobile.

All right, we'll give you that half point I mean technically.

That was a thousand double that was a double wall ball and over the fence.

So technically it's like seven years.

That's the point! It wasn't as cool, though oh that's, a good piece wrong part of the yard dead center.

That is eight.

So what is that? One 13 and a half? Oh I, like the idea, you hit the fence? Technically, oh, what what that was the fish they're gonna, be so mad at you for that man holy cow, you all time, trying to see yeah crazy, we're going hi Drew boys that was the best involved, yeah dog, smashed 12, 12.

short Forge.

That might be there's no way.

It is oh good that would have been a bad one.

Borderline decent, Barrel I got it good, I, don't know it's gone 15.! Oh! No! That's too much handle four outs.

It's where it gets interesting boys he's gonna, go 100 feet over the fence or I'm gonna pop up the Easton reflex.

Okay, no Ops! Oh gosh! Oh that's, not a good start! I'll run it away with it boys, I'm feeling good too good start Michael on the roof.

Oh one out, that's all we're gonna get I hit that so far.

That is that's what literally one of the furthest Falls I've ever hit in my life that went further than 505, not kitty, 508., that's a new bro! Oh my God 24., two outs.

You guys wanted! You guys want to do a money ball for the last out on the last round.

Double points double double points: okay, Moneyball, so does that mean Moneyball keeps increasing or not I kind of like that, okay, so six points for a home run.

That is good.

So is it so so then, right here six points for a bomb too.

You did suggest that exponential yeah I know it's still V6.

Is that 30? Oh man, that's tight! That might be a problem.

30., hey! Well, I just want one more swing just for fun.

This doesn't count 12 points Money, Ball, now dude I might have to get hoodie off I've been out until like oh, it's getting serious all right, Katie come on.

Don't worry! It's a double It's gotta be two! You get it! It's a half point 14.

This will be slowly, but surely man, oh that's way out, yeah slowly but surely 17.

That is one ounce, oh, that Lit your hands up.

Huh, that's a double, though I think that's perfectly placed yep.

That is technically a double I.

Think that's probably that's right! 18., oh, that is a home, run.

21 buddy yo! Oh, that hit something across the street all right.

So in real life we couldn't really see this ball land, but editing, there's the chance that ball hit the school, which would have been six points but sorry Petey that hit something over there.


yeah, that was a short board 24.

with one out.

No, that no did they do that.

One like oh Moneyball, Moneyball ties it he's a 24.

You got 30., hey Moneyball is a stupid rule.

Bro, don't think about it too much Pete I'm, not thinking I, don't think, don't think wait.

So that's one full point.

That's the whole point.

Yeah home run puts him ahead.

Foreign dude, that's a tough part of the yard.

Oh I thought it was impossible.


did I sound like it hurt.

It did one point: oh that's one point yeah yeah, yeah yeah, so 22.

00 give me the double.

Are we gonna give that to him? He said he Rod doubles.

Conclusion we gave that one to me.

You gotta, keep me in the game.

We're at 23., two score game: boys, foreign big swing right here.

We need this.

One I think everything nice I was I.

Was this far away from school? Having a chance, though, I'm Dom Gast from that loud boys, all right, you lost, so you don't get the cash prize, but you do get merch that says You Lost to me.

So you get to pick the merch at least oh yeah you're, just on the back small it'll, be cool on the front.


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