LLWS 2022 Best Defensive Plays (2023)


This video highlights some of the best defensive plays from the 2022 Little League World Series.

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On day, one luis garcia back to work first pitch swinging alexander provacio, is thrown out by gabriel gutierrez on a fine play at short, two down eric gonzalez, the batter pops up bounce left side top play in the hole gutierrez with a strong arm.

Hard hit short nice play.

Satin off from his knees, got him great glove work and a great throw from his knees.

He hammered it and drew chadwick snared it many hear about and don't generally get a chance to take advantage of another one and oh, what a great catch in center field by grayson may instead popped up foul territory, good hustle by the shortstop to get out there, murphy and he fires back in boy.

Did he get on that quick, 02-6 back and he finds it right back at dart now what a catch? He is.

The youngest player here at the little league world series and a nice play made defensively by grade and yan, and this ball to center field.

Now coming in he made the catch in center field.

Tagging is hiromoto mason edwards made, a great play did not make it to williamsport, and so he was mighty emotional seeing his son get.

Here oh what a fine play made it short by carlini ranging back onto the outfield grass for the first out they won it on the fourth of july in south korea.

This is lofted into short, right and carlini makes the catch put him anywhere 3-2 again, and it's lined towards shorted caught by carlini.

He has been magical defensively on the ground towards short and just as you said, jimenez goes for the out back to third and they got two on the ground towards seconds.

On the bag and he turned it into two parameters: here, we go new pitcher and jack rhodes up and he laces this one into the gap in left.


It's cut off by reggie.


Throw to third base good threshold! Yes, sir.

They nail williams.

Satin office, reggie entz.

Makes a terrific throw let's hold our breath? Okay! What's? Gonna happen out here? And he made a great play: do we have another? Yes, we do dash! Avery, that's shortstop! That first pitch has got to go a long way in settling you in that.

Doesn't it's not allowed to right and it's run down with a great sliding catch by yuto ichi in right field.

So the battery is the cleanup man, suzuki tomimoto, the first baseman, and he hits a bullet right at the first baseman jackson mayor who turns it into two hello little league in canada.

This little he gets their second trip here.

We've had some great defense over at first base, so tsuki tamimoto and this one is to center coming hard nice sliding catches, danny fraguera, slow roller.

They look back to runner.

Third, now he comes home, here's the throw and that's a double play and that'll get pennsylvania out of it patch to dull to link well he's ready- and this is right here- oh yeah, did you not a problem? Have you ever done it? That's the first one.

This is big here I'll, send you want me to sign it.

This ball is to left center field watch out.

Nobody called it was the catch made by mello.

If so, they'll be able to double up the runner.

There's a throw home, the out has made it home, but the ball may have been caught in left field.

It was, and there was no tag that should be three outs.

This is beautiful, two runners.

Yes, that was awesome.

The pitch in the air center field, cordelia dives and made the catch rika saved the day, the other day with a diving catch, and this time cordelia does not sure about brandon hodd.

Guessing has never been here.

Cora's never been here.

This one is to left field.

Chas hickman nice play nearly over his head, but he was able to reach up and make the catch run comes in, but hickman's got himself a web jim.

This is on the ground.

It's avery, he'll flip to randall he'll go to first, then they turn it dash avery, fallon randall great turn double play.

So, let's see what jeremiah grizzay has to offer first pitch swung on ballinger's in left.

He makes the play tagging from third lamb row good, throw they got him at the plate, what a throw by grayson ballinger, it's a big leaguers.

You should watch this for him right here.

Perfect balance, not one hop all the way gutierrez deals and it's lined towards short and caught by garcia, and they double them off at first.

What a play taking a little frustration out there, what a phenomenal play by him look at him strutting off brandon jimenez bats for the second time yep he squares.

He drops it down right on home, playing the throw to second got him.

Oh, what a dark by suchia ota is one two on the ground left side to short and takimoto gets one.

They turn two wow hit hard past the dive in the right center field.

Suchia motors to third, the throw to second gets him.

Kumay tried to stretch it and a great throw in center pitch is grounded back up the middle diving stab.

Oh, what a play shin takimoto! We have seen it all today, game, save and dive and play you got to go out for your squad, my goodness tomimoto the cleanup man first pitch swinging on the ground to second, they get one garcia's, throw in time for two: I'm lost, I'm lost for words right now.

This has been unbelievable.

He's ready to go again: thornburg diving catching a game.

Saver satin off with a web gem to keep him alive, got another one there.

This time to right, mayberry is coming diving, oh, what a play by jacoby, mayberry, they're gonna, go to second base.

It appeared as if the runner tagged, but maybe he left early in the second base.

Umpire said he left early starting with luis garcia chatted with sebastian double play.

Wow here we go again same old song line.

Drive fought, we're gonna put a star on that.

One just talked about the great experience and how much fun they were having this one is ripped to right center nice running catch, queen kittman he'll fire back to first.

Oh, that's, a double play.

What an arm and what a play by quinn, kidman teams left in williamsport pitch 50, is grounded to short jimenez on the back, what a throw inning over be a pitcher! That's that's a lot in the air center field at johan ceravia, who makes the catch coming on for the second out two on two out.

One two is smashed to center.

Sarabia had to go over his head and all the way to the wall.

Rika scores hanson behind him wheeled to third, with a two-run triple struck, well, tailing toward foul ground and a great running catch made in the corner by brandon jimenez game against chinese taipei, winner.

That one plays in the title game for the whole thing sunday is done, throw to second goddess: oh, what an arm out there and now another bunch, jason cordelia's, thrown out another good arm on display in the center field.

Coming hard sliding and making a nice play, nate phillips boy.

Did he get a good read on that hit the dirt and made the catch? Lessons are being learned here, so you know it's the good in the world right, braden, hatch, left field.

Oh, he ran into the wall and he grabbed a home run cory kahn, oh, my goodness.

How did he hold on to that? What a play back up the middle? Yes! Get that back! What a play good, tyler mcguff prevents another run.

Shallow left, zurich nice play jacob zurich hungry is a great event to check out.

This is on the ground.

Wait a second sir jacobus, oh wow from his backside makes a great throw, and that is a web gem on the ground to short satin off pretty play carter.

First, they got a double play: wow, what a backhand by william satin off and a turn by carter.

This one is to left zurich's going back khan.

Oh, he did it again back to back nice, cory khan watch.

These kids play that position.

Here's another one zurich! He will flip he'll go to.

First, they got another double play.

That's awfully impressive! He had got to hit the other got a hit the other day in the hole we got.

A backhand come on scoop it william, satin, off tim, has got 11 assists he's been involved in a double play and he has no errors margaret that kevin back up the middle off the glove he can't be 12 and make that play.

How pretty is that? Oh t-rex is not your fault, bubba and uh, I'm so proud of him all right.

Thank you very much for the time, guys we'll send it back up to you.

Thank you.

That's right! What a catch jason cordelia didn't look like.

He had a chance to run it down and he did.

It was priceless back up the middle, that's fielded by fang motor, the shortstop to first he got him double play.

Good turn by juan shu attended the same school this one to center field, rika back.

He makes the catch that's a home run.

They had the right guy in the right place and it stays a one-nothing game.

0-2 fastball up the middle shallow center nice running play keiko.

You got to wax your board, see that's the secret, oh great catch on the bunt and nearly a double play.

Hot shot to third wang yuan fu throws out satin off one down.


How many perfect games have been thrown in the LLWS? ›

Ángel Macías threw the first and, to date, only perfect game in an LLWS championship.

Which region has won the most LLWS? ›

In the 74-year history of the Little League Baseball World Series, International teams have won 37 Championships, while teams from the United States have won 37. The state with the most championships is California with seven. Chinese Taipei is the country with the most titles with 17.

What is the record attendance at the LLWS? ›

On Friday, a record-setting 41,184 people attended a Little League World Series opening round game in Williamsport, PA, while perhaps more than half a million more watched it on ESPN.

Are there 13 year olds in the LLWS? ›

‍13-year-olds are not allowed to participate in the Little League World Series, but there are other divisions where they can participate. Children aged 12 to 14 can participate in the Junior League Baseball World Series.

Has anyone thrown a perfect game and lost? ›

On May 26, 1959, Harvey Haddix of the Pittsburgh Pirates pitched a perfect game for 12 innings against the Milwaukee Braves, but lost the no-hitter and the game in the 13th inning.

Has a pitcher ever been pulled from a perfect game? ›

Six Outs From a Perfect Game, Kershaw's Day Was Done. Not wanting to risk injuring his aging ace, Manager Dave Roberts pulled Clayton Kershaw. He had thrown only 80 pitches.

What is the smallest town to make the Little League World Series? ›

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Hagerstown is 1,681, by far the smallest locale represented in the U.S. bracket of the Little League World Series. By comparison, the next smallest community represented is Hollidaysburg, Penn., with a population of 5,641.

What state has the best Little League? ›

The United States holds a total of 37 Little League titles won by 14 different states. Among the states, California holds the record for most titles (7) and most U.S. titles (15), while Florida has appeared in a total of 23 world series' and 8 championship games but has not yet won a title.

Who are the best teams in the Little League World Series? ›

Here is my list:
  • Chula Vista, Calif., 2009. The Californians won the world title in a dominant fashion with a 6-3 victory over Taiwan. ...
  • Tainan City, Taiwan, 1973. ...
  • Tainan City, Taiwan, 1995. ...
  • Hamtramck, Mich., 1959. ...
  • Kirkland, Wash., 1982. ...
  • Toms River, N.J., 1998. ...
  • Tokyo, 2012. ...
  • Trumbull, Conn., 1989.
Aug 6, 2014

Do the LLWS players get to keep their uniforms? ›

The managers and coaches also get to keep the apparel they are issued for the series. The design of series uniforms changes annually, said Little League spokesman Kevin Fountain, in explaining why they are not reused. He did not have an estimate of how much it costs to outfit a player for the world series.

Has there ever been a no hitter in the Little League World Series? ›

California pitcher Grant Holman set the standard for excellent pitching performances in the Little League World Series with a seven-inning no-hitter on Friday in first-round action from Williamsport, Pa. According to ESPN, Holman became the first pitcher to throw an extra-innings no-no in the tournament since 1979.

Can you drink at the LLWS? ›

The following list of items will be PROHIBITED on the premises: Alcohol or Illegal Drugs.

What is the oldest age to play Little League? ›

What are the divisions of Little League Baseball®?
  • Tee Ball – Ages 4-7.
  • Minor League – Ages 5-11.
  • Major Division – Ages 9-12.
  • Intermediate (50/70) – Ages 11-13.
  • Junior League – Ages 12-14.
  • Senior League – Ages 13-16.

What is the oldest age for the Little League World Series? ›

The Little League World Series is an annual baseball tournament for children—typically boys—aged 10 to 12 years old, held in the Eastern United States.

Has a girl ever played in the LLWS? ›

In 1989, Victoria Brucker became the first girl to pitch in the World Series and the first to record a hit. One of the most notable girls to play in the Little League Baseball World Series was Krissy (Wendell) Pohl, who played for Brooklyn Center, Minn., in 1994.

Has there ever been a perfect game in the Little League World Series? ›

Normally an ambidextrous pitcher, Mr. Macias chose to only use his right arm that day, retiring all 18 batters in order with 11 strikeouts to record the first ever perfect game in the Little League World Series final, and it remains the only one to occur in the championship game.

Who has thrown a perfect game in the World Series? ›

On October 8, 1956, Don Larsen threw the only perfect game ever in the World Series, pitching for the New York Yankees in Game 5 against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

How many perfect games have been thrown in the major leagues? ›

The perfect game — 27 up, 27 down — is the rarest of baseball feats. There have been only 24 of them in major league history, with the first two coming in 1880.

What team has thrown the most perfect games? ›

The Yankees now have 4 perfect games in franchise history

Domingo Germán threw the 24th perfect game in MLB history Wednesday night against the Oakland A's, giving New York four such performances in the organization's history, breaking a tie with the Chicago White Sox for the most perfect games by any team.

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