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It was another day in winter 2022. And I was playing at our local indoor baseball and softball practice center. It was a friendly practice between us and the coaches of nearby schools. After the match, one of the spectators, a rookie from my team, handed me over the Mizuno B20 USA bat for a break-in. At that moment I went through a Mizuno B20 review.

That’s when I got so interested in it. I wanted to dig deeper and write a blog about it.

Day by day, I am becoming more and more fond of composite bats.

But what can I do!

My students are always handing me over better and better bats!

Let’s get into the Mizuno B20 USA bat.

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About Mizuno Corporation

Unlike Marucci or Louisville, Mizuno is a corporation developing various types of sporting goods besides baseball. They have their head office in Japan actually, not in the USA. They do have a good name in sports materials all over. Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, they do have products for most important games.

For softball and baseball, they are developing bats with Japanese Technology. Mizuno B20 USA Bat is another product they have created with their own technology. From the barrel to the gripper, all parts show the good Japanese technology behind it.

About Mizuno B20 Review

As I have mentioned, I got the Mizuno B20 USA bat from a new student of mine who is trying to make a name in the new youth team from my school. As a coach, I prefer to start with wooden bats. After that, I let them start with the composite bats. Because of the impact and sting absorption, it is always a good choice to start with.

Mizuno B20 has been named after their corporation as well as their President, Mr. Akito Mizuno. The bat at the first glance is powerful, stylish, and easy to grip. So, I decided it should be tried to dig further, and then you will decide if it is a good bat or not.

Features of Mizuno B20 Review

NameMizuno B20
Bat TypeUSA Bat
Core MaterialBlack Onyx Carbon
BarrelBigger Barrell
HandleStiff Carbon
GripSpeed Helix Grip
1 piece or 2 piece2 piece
ColorBlack and Golden
Break-in PeriodShorter
Sweet SpotLarger Sweet Spot
WarrantyOne Year
USA approvedYES
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The technology behind the bat, as I have mentioned earlier, keeps the signs of technological advancement of Japan in every part. Although it has been made for the USA and is truly an USA bat, it has certain specialities that you cannot ignore the Japanese Technology living inside it.

The bat I had the break-in is Mizuno B20-PWR CRBN. It is made with Power Ring Technology.

Power Ring Technology

The Power Ring Technology is a way to create more and more strength by putting metal rings on top of one another. The order of the rings is in such a manner that it can create deep bonding to create more impact as the series increases. The further you go, the metal bonding is more and more strong.


Mizuno B20-PWR CRBN is made with composite alloy. The outer part is made with Black Onyx Carbon. It is a hard metal with an exclusive look. In the old days, people used black onyx to keep bad spirits away. Maybe the designer also had that in mind while he was designing it.

Jokes apart, you will find it very tough. It increases the durability of the bat. Even the impact point is also influenced by the material.

The Black Onyx Carbon is used in making many other things, including parts of guns. The guns made with it show a shining exterior even after a long long time.

The Handle

Mizuno has put a good effort into the handle. I have seen in many great bats, that the handle is often ignored. But Mizuno has put focus on the handle as well as on the grip.

The grip is very comfortable. It is made with Speed Helix technology. It is very comfortable to handle the bat. You can feel it on the first touch. It is durable longer than other kinds of grip too.

The handle inside the grip is made out of stiff carbon.

Carbon is known for better energy handling.

The energy put on the bat is distributed equally toward the ball. As a result, the impact is good and the force gets it further.

On the other hand, composite 2 piece bats are known for handling the sting at misheats.

If you are using Mizuno, then just know that it allows the force to leave the bat and don’t come back. With a good two-piece construction, you can play comfortably.

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Sweet Spot

Mizuno B20 reviews say not only me but also other users have found it has a larger sweet spot.

The barrel is an extended one. They call it the big barrel bat. With a good combination between the handle and the barrel, it has a larger hitting area. The sweet spot it has indeed can cope with any other composite bats I have used from other brands.

It is a totally lightweight and balanced bat. So, joining it with the sweet spot, you can have a very good play at any game.


Yes, it has a good booming sound. Not all the composite bats have good booming sounds and you will not find them pleasing to the ears.

While I was doing break-in, I just loved the booming sound it made upon contact.

If you are looking for a good bat just for a sound soothing to the ears, then just go for it.

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Break-in of Mizuno B20

If you do not know how to break in a composite bat, then let me tell you a little about it.

Break-in means using a composite bat for a period slowly to have a good impact on the walls. If you can do a good break-in then a composite bat can last even a lifetime.

Break-in has a good value for any of the composite bats.

For a good break-in of any composite bat, you need to –

  • First, play 40-50 rounds of balls with half of the power. Just let someone throw a half speedball at you and defend it. Rotate the bat about half of the full swing.
  • Next, play 40-50 rounds of the ball with increased power, 70-75%. DO NOT use the full swing yet. Use a little extra power but not the full swing.
  • Then, play 40-50 balls with soft throwing. Use 70-75% force and not full swing. Soft-toss the ball towards you and use the same force again.
  • Then use full swing and hit 50-60 balls with soft-tossing. Still, do not use the full force for the ball or the bat.
  • At this moment, you can go full throttle and hit around 100 balls. The composite bat should have a good break-in by now.

Now, I have followed the same technique for Mizuno B20. I felt it had a break-in earlier than I expected. After my research, I have indeed been confirmed that it did earlier.

So, Mizuno B20 has a shorter period for a good break-in.

Pros & Cons


  • Good Japanese technology
  • A Big Barrel bat for extended sweet spot
  • Good grip, long-lasting and comfortable
  • Shorter break in period
  • Durability is good because of good material
  • Has a good sound


  • A 2 piece bat, exclusively made for saving the batter from excessive force
  • Balanced, not end-loaded, as a result greater force cannot be applied
  • A good bat, but not for everyone and not for every game as it needs time to adjust
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Who should use Mizuno B20 bats?

Although it is a good bat, I would not recommend it for everyone. The bat is a -10. It looks good and it feels great to break in.

The bat is lightweight, and has good material and good technology.

But before a professional match, you should use it for practice first. Because of its lightweight and balance, I recommend it for rookies first. A newbie like my team member learned from others that it is great for first practice and took it to me. I supported his decision and loved the bat. But in the long run, I would suggest you use it if only you get used to it.

Naturally, players should not use ANY bat if they are not used to it.

And the bat is very technologically advanced. SO, it is a good bat for trying but a challenge if you are trying to switch between bats.

So, only after using it for a good time, then only you should use it for a match.

How I felt with Mizuno B20?

I felt good with this big barrel bat. It looks amazing without a doubt. If I were in my 20s I would go for this bat without any doubt. Still, I did buy a new one for my kid who is 11 and trying to make a new team at his school.

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Other Mizuno Bats

Mizuno has B20, B21, and B22 bats still on the market. While I was buying for my child, I looked for other Mizuno bats too. I saw wooden bats for which Mizuno is known. But I still liked the composite bat best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mizuno Bats Good?

Mizuno is good for various types of sportswear as well as products. For baseball, they have its technology. It is great to have a Mizuno wooden bat. The composite bats have made names for themselves. Although they are not yet a match for Louiseville Slugger or Marucci, they do have a good name in the market.

How long does it take to break in a composite bat?

A composite bat needs a good break-in. If you can give it then it may last a lifetime-

  • Play 40-50 balls with half of your power and half of the swing
  • After that, play 40-50 balls at 70-75% power and a better swing
  • Use full swing and hit around 100 balls with soft-tossing
  • After that, use full power and full swing for around 100 balls

At this point, the bat should have a good break-in and fit for the ga

Do you need to break in a composite bat?

Yes, composite bats need a break-in period. If you can break in quite well then there is a chance that it may sustain a lifetime for you. If you do not a break-in, it may prove to be problematic, even the bat may suffer a lot and break completely.

Is Mizuno B20 a good bat?

Mizuno B20 composite bats are made out of black onyx carbon which makes it very durable and strong. It is furnished with good technology and better grips than most other composite bats. With the looks and durability, it is a well-balanced bat for anyone.

Is Mizuno an American Company?

Mizuno is a Japanese company that has many types of sports goods and sportswear. They make USA-approved baseball bats for the players in the USA. Their bats are good and already have a good name in the market.


Certainly, I have enjoyed playing with the Mizuno B20 carbon power bat. With the looks and functions, it has a good performance overall. I hope now you can take your decision more precariously.

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