Topps 1991 Stadium Club Premier Edition 1st Series (2023)


Let’s go back to 1991 with this hobby box of Topps Stadium Club Premier Edition 1st. Series. In my opinion this product started the end of the junk wax era for baseball cards. I hope you enjoy the break.


Hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of rippin for rookies.

Today we're going to go back to the pass to one of my favorite sets in production right now, top stadium club I've seen a lot of breakers.

Opening up tops 2020, so let's go back to where it all began.

In 1991, when this came out, this was pretty much a high-end edition, um produced on kodak imaging technology, uh paper and the the issues with this is that you know, since it's been sitting around so long, there's a lot of what we call bricking where and it's basically because of the photography on here and the um, the laminate that they used on the the top of the of the card to protect the picture, so it uh it kind of tends to to stick together a little bit.

So, let's uh, let's open these up, we've got uh 36 packs and I believe that there's 10 cards in each pack or 12 cards yeah 12 cards in each pack.

So what we're going to do is we're going to open up some of these right now and I'm going to open up the rest uh, I'm going to pause the video open up the rest and then have them all laid out.

So this is going to be a little bit longer video.

I usually like to keep my videos between 10 and 15 minutes, so this one's probably going to go over 20 minutes, I mean, if you want to stick around, you can stick around for it.

If not, you know, I understand it's going to be a little bit longer, so at least, if you just uh just give me a like and and take a look and see what we have so actually these cards are in really good shape.

There is really no bricking to speak of.

I got these at uh blowout cards and this box was 24, so not too bad of a price.

So I just want to show it off and and see what we have in here.

We're going to be looking for, there's not really any rookies in this.

There are some nobody that you've really ever heard of, but we're looking for the uh all-stars hall of famers, mattingly, thomas gooden, whitaker, puckett, maddox, ozzie smith, wade, boggs, nolan, ryan, barry bonds, bo jackson, ryan sandberg, paul mode or ken griffey jr.

So there's uh.

Let's take a look at the cards: here's uh molito perez and then on the back.

It actually has a picture of their rookie card, which is pretty cool and it gives you down the bottom here.

It'll give you the 1990 stats and then it'll also give the career stats.

So it doesn't break it down year by year by year, but it also gives you some other cool information here versus right-handed batters versus left-handed batters.

So you know a little bit a lot different from what we've seen with top's product uh in the past.

There's a chris sabo, jose de jesus from the phillies dan gladden, frank, thomas, there's, one that we're looking for, I'm probably not going to have enough stands to put everybody up, but there's a nice frank, thomas card glenn, braggs, cal, daniels, jack, dougherty, bert blylevin, rob dibble, chuck, carey and jeff gray.

Now, usually, when you get these packs, they are all stuck together, but these were these seem to be in really good condition.

The other downfall is the plastic on here.

It doesn't give you a clean break when you open up the packs, so you have to be really careful not to you know, bugger the corners or anything like that, so you have to be really careful opening these up and each one has an insert card in there.

So, let's see what we have here, we've got a jason grimsley, okay, so these two are kind of stuck together, not too bad.

Uh dave valley, jim gantner.

This these two are kind of stuck a little bit a little bit there, not too bad jim gantner.

There's will clark ken anderson, oh there's a nice one.

That's that's one of the nicer cards in here the nolan ryan uh in his suit, pitching that that is uh assault after card it was actually reproduced in one of the sets in 2020 and uh just an awesome.

Looking card.

I like that.

I like that card.

A lot.

That's that's one of the better ones to get out of this set mike scott mike socia.

We've got matt williams, kevin brown, jose gonzalez and jerome walton all right, so we have two more packs to go and then we'll uh I'll pause, the video I'll open everything else and just stack them up out here.

So you can see it is pretty tough to get these open there.

We go okay, so this base set has 300 cards in it, and then I also have a box of second series that we're going to open up that has another 300 cards in the base set, and that has one rookie that we're looking for, I believe it says ken eddie, but uh rookie's, not too bad.

You know not too many in this set.

John kruck put that in from my pc, luis rivera lonnie smith, there's that members club card alan travel, that's a nice one that we're looking for.

We can put alan trammell up there.

Ricky jordan, greg olson david wells, not good for breakers.

This they're going every which way joe mcgreen greg myers.

We got greg maddox, that's one that we're looking for we're getting some good good cards out of the first three packs and mark goo bazaar and then the last pack yeah.

This is this: is the problem and they've been sitting around so long and they have just tightened up a little bit? Okay, what you can do is to stop do is to stop the breaking.

Is I just? I just give them a little push this way in that way.

It doesn't really do much damage to the cards, but it'll it'll stop the breaking.

At least you won't be ripping off part of the photo.

There's a derek lilliquist, frank viola.

We got a tim toofle mark ali gallego, insert card karl rhodes, there's a don mattingly, mr baseball, it's just the artwork.

This was something that we didn't really or just the photography of it.

We didn't see this before in baseball cards uh carlos quintana, there's an andy bennis, chuck, finley jack cal, felix furman and dick shofield, all right so I'll get the rest of them opened up.

I'm going to pause the video here and then I will be right back.

Okay, and we're back as you can see, we've got uh two really big stacks uh to go through, so I'm gonna pass over some of the uh lesser name players and pull out the uh the all-stars, since there really aren't any rookies in here- and I do have them organized.

So we can just flip right through these, instead of them going every which way.

Scott fletcher ron clark of ice, greg, jeffries, dennis boyd oil can boyd lance parish, lenny harris dave, parker, alberto espinosa, dave, henderson, hector, valenoeva, dave, steve joe oliver kirby puckett.

There we go we'll put kirby up there, ozzy guillen.

Does he make the list um? No, I'm going to leave ozzy off.

I'm sorry white sox fans, but I'm going to leave him.

I'm going to leave him off the list.

Uh dave west john burkett, barry bonds.

He gets a stand, who's still with pittsburgh.

Back then uh jeff, hewson, billy, rippon, ripken, wrong, ripken, uh, tino martinez, walt weiss, ken griffey jr, very nice.

We got the kid.

That's a nice looking card, george brett! Ah, let's see he's got fletcher clark device again greg jeffries.

Dennis owen cam boyd, cecil, fielder, ricky henderson and go up there see we're starting to get some some duplicates all already.

You know the coalition back then wasn't wasn't really good um.

We got bobby thigpen arc, anthony ben mcdonald, tom henke, chuck krim.

There's a checklist.

It's going to go out to bud stoney uh mike balecki mitch, wildthing williams, greg gagne, dale, murphy, dave, johnson, brent smith, jeff ballard, mike henneman, kevin seitzer, carlos viagra, mike marshall, rafael, ramirez, john burkett, jason, grimsley, david west ozzy guillen, mike socia, matt williams, kevin brown, jose gonzalez, jerome, walton, there's another bonds, jeff hudson and another billy ripken all right.

Let's I'm just want to move this one stack over here, so I know that we haven't done it put all the cards that we've done over on this side and let's grab a next uh next bunch here, tino martinez, walt weiss, there's another griffey junior! Well, these doubles keep up and I get enough grippy juniors out of me, nice george brett, lance parish, harris parker, there's another carcavice, craig jeffries.

So it looks like dennis oil cam boy.

That might be the third one of him: there's a kirby puckett damon, barry hill bobby thompson, spike owen, kevin ellster, brooke jacoby, luis paulinha, bob greene, mookie, wilson, daryl boston, tom pagnosi, wally joyner, jim abbott, tom browning, greg briley, lee smith, jesse barfield rex, hudler, damon, barry hill, robbie thompson, spike owen, kevin ellster, scott fletcher, there's another spike going so there's a lot elster again: jason grimsley mike benjamin neil heaton dave magadan, michael avalia, reuben, sierra there's, another checklist, storm davis, john farrell, xavier hernandez bob welsh mike greenwald, jose akendo bob walk, jose lind, there's a barry, larkin andres galaraga, and I see one right off the top that we're going to put up there.

We got jose canseco put him up there, mike sims mike mcfarland uh, dana kicker, steve sax, julio franco, bobby bonilla, eric yelding dan pleisek, greg harris jean larkin ken herbeck mark grace, kevin tappany, randy, ready, lou whitaker, who goes up there should be in the hall of fame, uh kevin bass, there's eddie murray, joe orsula, pat combs ozzy guillen david west john barket, lee smith, jesse barfield, rex hudler, uh, david seagul, sean abner, kenny, rogers, frank tanana, lee stevens, benito santiago, charlie o'brien, alvin davis, ed whitson, jody reed, dalla, irvine, steve avery, dante, pachette, bo's, dad jeremy brown, dave, winfield, shane, mack, charlie, hayes mark lemke, bobby witt.

There's a dave stewart, there's the yellow one.

That's in the uh, that's in the suit another cool card from this set.

Yeah dave smokes stewart card number one of the set.

Let's put him up.

There put him in between two uh marquis grissom kevin moss, lynn, dykstra or lenny dykstra howard, johnson, hojo, mark guthrie, dan pasqua, john franco, so jay bell doc gooden.

So we're getting a lot of a lot of really good players.

In here daryl hamilton, gary templeton, lance johnson, dennis rasmussen, tom branansky, stan javier greg, olsen bo jackson.

Bow knows bo will get a stand.


We go juan gonzalez good player, like tim randy, myers dave, henderson, hector, villanueva, dave, steve joe oliver, jim abbott tom browning, uh, greg riley and uh alvardo espinoza.

So that's the first stack down so we're about halfway through the box looks like we hit just about everybody that we were looking for.

Uh bo.

We didn't get a ryan sandberg, still looking for a paul molitor, but we're doing pretty good with everybody else that we were wanting to look for in here and finding that nolan ryan in the suit.

That's pretty cool uh, zane smith, mark williamson, tim nehring, kevin mitchell, greg vaughn bill doran, ozzy smith.

There we go, I knew we were missing one.

We were missing the wizard, let's put ozzy up there, andy man, slate ken hale jack mcdowell, uh mark carrion and oh, that's, a pretty cool card, eric shao playing as his gibson in the hammock very nice.

That's what I'm talking about the photography! You didn't see anything like that in the past, in the 80s or 70s, or anything like that.

There's a ryan sandberg rhino.

We got him.

I think we just probably hit about everybody that we were looking for and I have run out of stands and let's see and get him up there see.

If I can put him in here somewhere there we go we'll go through a recap at the end: kelly down scott bradley rick, aguilera, tim jones, danny martinez, uh, david justice, good player, mark davis, chet lemon mike harvey uh, john marzar, marzano voices, the lou tim nehring mark williamson, zane smith, tim jones, dennis martinez, david justice, mark davis looks like we're going through another kind of run: carlton fisk ron, darling, there's another sandberg, kelly downs, scott bradley rick, aguilera, bob walsh, jose okendo, frank, thomas put him back there on the frank thomas stand: glenn braggs, cal, daniels, jack, dougherty and bert blylevin.

Okay, so it looks like we're.

Gonna have two more stacks to go through and see what we got here: julio franco, bobby benia, eric yelding, reuben, sierra there's, another checklist, storm davis, john farrell, xavier hernandez.

There's the er shell again with the guitar mark carrion jack mcdowell, ken hal, daryl, boston, tom pagnosi, wally joyner, jose conseco, and I don't even know where I put jose.

I think he's back here: I've been blocked by ozzy and ryan sandberg a little bit.

Let's get ozzy up there, I'm not gonna mess around too much we'll go through it.

At the end.

Uh mike sims, mike mcfarlane dave, kicker steve sacks molito perez chris sabo, you see don't get to see the goofy glasses uh, jose just hates dejesus dan gladden mike benjamin neil heaton, dan magnan, michael lavarier, tom hankey, chuck krim, another checklist, gino, paradi, prolly or patrolli.

I don't know yeah.

I don't think he ever did too much.

I might be wrong if he did anything.

Let me know: uh brooke, jacoby, lewis, felonia, bob greene, mookie, wilson, kenny, rogers, frank tanana, lee stevens, cecil, fielder, ricky, henderson, bobby thigpen, eric anthony ben mcdonald, bob walk, jose, leand, barry, larkin, andre scalaraga, scott gallarts von hayes, brian barnes ron, robinson greg, colburn, bj, serhoff, dickie, thon, larry walker, that's his! Is that his rookie card? No, it's not his rookie card.

He played 20 20 games before, but still like sorry walker card there greg brock, matt, noakes, todd zeal, uh mike fetters, junior ortiz, gary pettis, louise salazar, arkansas, doug jones, brett, saberhagen, tony phillips, jimmy key, steve, balboni and bip roberts.

All right in our last stack see if we can get some dubs of the of the good ones here.

I'm sorry just knock the camera a little bit.

Let's get that back over here, a bit okay.

There we go all right.

Last stack last stack magic, see we can get sean dunston, dwight smith, danny carnival tom tim uh, bellinger, uh, belcher, brian harvey chris bosio uh, david rhode, allen, anderson, jose rio, greg olsen, alex fernandez, randy tomlin, there's a dutch darren dalton terry mulholland, juan gonzalez, doug, dravik, randy, myers, paul molitor.

That's one! We're missing we'll put molotour up there.

I don't know we may have already pulled him.

I have so many cards up here.

I can't tell who's who's anymore: uh, milt thompson, uh, delano de shields, manny lee there's another bow he's off to the side.

I can see him poking out there uh mike fitzgerald, mike jeffcoat terry kennedy, uh mackie, sasser, sid fernandez, there's ellis burks, another checklist, al newman, pat borders, omar viscale, todd burns, j, hal, teddy hegara, carney, lansford, sammy sosa.

We don't have a sammy, do we? No, we don't we don't have assistant.

I don't even think I had him on the list.

Look at that.

The white sox very nice looking card rangers first year, white sox second year.

What did you do in that year? Uh you have 15 home, runs in uh 532 at bats.

That's a cool! Looking car! I, like the I like the old uh old style, white socks, uniform they're, pretty cool otis, nixon, jim duchess, eric davis wade, boggs, there's another one: uh todd benziger gary sheffield gary sheffield.

He should go up there.

Uh bill sampson, craig biggio, keith, miller, edgar martinez, bruce ruffin, uh, mariano duncan randy, milligan dark.

May robin ventura ryan hallman mark langston, fernando valenzuela oral herscheiser, paul o'neill sandy alamar tom gordon, harold reynolds joe girardi inkavelia stan javier tom bernansky uh, dennis rasmussen, voices, the lou john mazzaro, mike harkey, jose urabe, don robinson wayne edwards and finish it off with a lance dixon.

Okay, all right, so one of my goals was to see if I can get all the checklists for the one and only bud stoney, we got 201 to 300.

We got one to hunt 100 and we got 101 to 200.

So there you go bud.

If you don't have these there you go, I will send them off in my next care package.

You got all the checklists for tops stadium, club 1991, the premiere set and let's take a look and and see what we have here.

We got some pull some very nice cards out of here, uh ones that I'm looking for trying to get some more cards into.

My team sets uh running a little low on the 80s and 90s, but some very nice cards in here that I can throw in so we did pretty good.

I mean for 25 for the box.

We got a lot of the uh, a lot of hall of famers and well.

A couple players in here aren't hall of famers, but still should be hall of famer.

So we've got, we've got two barry bonds, very nice.

We got two frank thomas got a couple of bo jacksons, pretty cool.

We got one paul molitor, a couple of ryan sandbergs, sweet lou, whitaker we've got the wizard of oz, jose canseco wade, boggs, ricky, henderson, sammy sosa; that's a cool shot, that's a cool shot of sami.

I really like that.

One we've got the kid ken griffey jr.

We got two of them doc: gooden kirby, puckett, don mattingly, greg maddox, nolan ryan, one of my favorite cards in the set, and probably probably my my favorite card in the set like that nolan ryan and we got dave stewart, another cool shot and alan trammell and the one thing when I go back through all these vintage sets.

Is I've made so many friends since I started this in april and I I kind of know who collects what you know and it's like? Oh, can I find this card for that one.

Can I find this card for for that person and even with the the new, the new channels that I've been watching finding out who their favorite teams are, and everything like that, so I'm always on the lookout for for certain things and of course you know uh, of course, with bud stoney he's.

If you, let me tell you something about bud.

If you have a card that you think is junk, I see people throw away these checklists but will find something to do with it.

That's for darn sure and he'll make a video on it.

You know, and the video is amazing.

So that's why, every time now I get checklist, I just put them in a box and and save it for them.

You know I've got one.

One whole section called the code called the uh, the stony box, so I just send all his stuff out out to him and he'll find something to do with it.

That's for sure all right, everybody, it's a long video.

I know, but it was a uh, basically a hobby box, which is something I don't usually do.

I usually just do blasters or something like that.

So if I bored you to death, I bored you to death.

I apologize, but I thought it was kind of well worth it to go back to 1991, to see where, where baseball cards, I think, in my opinion, uh changed and changed for the better we got out of the we got out of the junk wax.

We started to get a little bit more technology, but you know 1991.

You know, printing on kodak paper that was or printed with kodak.

That was a big thing back then you know we didn't have digital or anything like that, so it took a little bit more time.

It took a little bit more effort to do it and uh.

You know you paid the price, you paid the price when you when you bought these cards, but now you can pick them up relatively cheap, like that box was 25 and then with shipping was uh was another five, so it was.

It was 30 for the box, but uh just to bring back the nostalgia and take a look at the hall of famers and uh do some research on on some players and it's really cool all right.

Everybody, if you like this video, give me a like if you like this video and like this channel, please subscribe and if you're a subscriber ring that bell remember: we've got monday giveaways every monday.

If you don't ring the bell, you just may not find out about it all right.

Everybody have yourself a great day.

I will talk to you soon, bye.


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