In this video: UNDEFEATED SEASON!, in this EPIC last game of the season, Lumpy the Yankees try to finish their amazing season undefeated, while his cousin Chris and the Braves try to ruin the Yankees perfect season! Come check it out as Lumpy shows up and puts his team on his back! You don't want to miss this one!

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About this video: UNDEFEATED SEASON!, is a video about my life experiences with my son Lumpy, my wife Sinia, my father, family and friends. Come along for the roller coaster ride, as we see Lumpy in action playing Little League baseball.

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What's up lumpy what game 16 yankees 15-0 going for the big enchilada? If you win today a perfect 16-0 season, how you feeling good? I think it's gonna happen.

I want to wish you good luck.

I also want to wish good luck to the braves.

My nephew chris is going to be playing okay, my man, I love you have some fun and let's go yankees last game of the season.

Yankees and braves yankees, going for an unprecedented undefeated season, the braves trying to smash their dreams.

Let's see, what's gonna happen, game 16, stephen on the mound alex behind the plate, eli at the dish and we're off.

That's a strike, stephen looking for the strikeout one out, here's donovan at the dish! That's a strike.

Stephen two strikes strike three: two outs mason at the dish.

There's a pop foul three and two count: there's a ground ball! That's gonna, get up the middle for a base, hit one strike: that's inside and mason's on his horse.

We're gonna have a play at second.

He is gonna, be out three outs: the yankees coming to bat, no score! Nice play no score bottom of the first ryan leading off for the yankees.

That's a ball two and two count.

Two strikes to alex: that's strike three: two down: here's lumpy trying to get it started for the yankees there's a pop-up that looks playable and it's gonna be a foul ball lumpy in a one-in-one count, there's a poke! That's gonna, get on through moppy on his horse is going to.

Second, the plane is gonna, be safe, he's going three.

He runs through the stop sign lobby on his horse with a little league home run to make it one to nothing with a slide at the end.

You gotta love that young man over there making it happen.

Yeah two strikes to stephen strike three, but at the end of one, the yankees have a one-nothing lead top of the second one-nothing yankees steven back at the dish.

There's a pop fly.

There's a souvenir for a fan.

Nice try one strike, there's a ground ball nice play! No! That gets through and there's gonna be a base hit two and two count run around first uh strike three one out runner's still on.

First, that's a ground ball, nice stop, it's gonna be a base hit, but that was a nice try, no and that ball.

That ball goes out of play, so runners are gonna advance and this runner is at third, second and third to strike strike three.

This is like an eight pitch at bat.

Stephen ground ball, nice play by jacob.

Can they get the out he's gonna be safe and a run's gonna come across.

Two runs come across and mateo is safe at second and there's another bad.

Throw and mateo is on his way to third, he is gonna, be safe.

Is he going home? No he's not, and lumpy gets the ball two to one braves nice hit.

Mateo yankees are down two to one with a runner on.

Third, that's a pass ball.

Mateo is not gonna go home, two balls and two strikes here.

We go strike three yankees down two to one baby: let's go.

We got a game bottom of the second braves have the two to one lead dj.

That's a strike.

Dj strike three one out.

First, at bat for zaden there's a ground ball, that's playable by chris a foot race and he is out good job.

That's my nephew! Chris out there two outs for sergio there's a hot shot.

Nice play matteo, but sergio's gonna beat it out.

One runner on nice hit two strikes to max strike three and the braves have a two to one lead going to the third inning today the day I hope so did the yankees go down today.

Oh, I really hope so.

This is my sister.

My nephew chris plays for the brave she's next to me all the time and uh we're rooting for you guys, let's go top of the third yankees down two to one.

Here's, my nephew chris, with a little bunt action, puts on the blazing speed and he's gonna beat the throw great job chris runner on first for the braves.

That's a strike chris is on his horse.

He's gonna, take the base and he's gonna be out.

Nice try chris one out one out.

Nobody on now.

That's strike three and there's two outs.

Two strikes strike three: let's go yankees time to wake up those bats, they're down two to one one strike to kingston: there's a poke, that's gonna fall down.

Chris is way off the bag, though, and that's gonna be safe.

Two strikes to jacob strike three one out.

Emiliano at the dish run around first there's a ground ball.

That's gonna, get on through runners, are gonna, go to third kingston's gonna go third they're gonna, send him home.

We could tie it up.

The play at the plate, he's gonna be safe.

Emiliano on his horse is gonna, get to third to play.

A three yankee's tied up two strikes to joaquin runner on third strike.

Three, two out two balls: one strike to ryan: that's a line! That's a good hit! That's gonna, bring in the run to make it three to two yankees and ryan's in at second good hit two balls.

One strike runner on third: that's ball! Three ryan on his horse.

He's gonna make it four to two yankees with the two run.

Lead strike back three and one count for alex.

That's ball four and he's gonna go to first, and here comes my seven-year-old son lumpy to the plate.

Lumpy in a count he's got the green light.

There's a rip nice play by chris foot race got him out good job by my nephew chris to save the run and dive to get his cousin out.

You gotta love that baby.

I love you chris nice play top of the fourth yankees got the four to two lead.

Lumpy moves behind the plate: here's eli at the dish top of the lineup first pitch.

That's a strike.

Two strikes strike three one out: donovan! That's strike three, two down two balls: two strikes: there's a ground ball alex: can you make the play at first he's gonna be safe.

Mason with a base hit run around first, that's a ground ball stephen.

Can you make the play at one? No, that's going to be a pass ball, good backup, but mason on this horse is going to go.

No he's going to hold that third, okay, big chance for the braves runners on second and third.

There are two outs, four to two yankees, that's a rip and that's a fair ball.

One run comes in, two runs are going to come in and that's gonna make it tied and a runner is gonna go to third, are they gonna send them home they're? Not three and two count: two outs runner on third braves tied it up at four steven trying to get out of the jam and strike three got em.

We got a tie game.

Let's go we're going to the bottom of the fourth two strikes, stephen there's a pop-up that looks playable.

That's a fair ball steven on his horse is gonna get to second and he's gonna be saved runner on second for dj, there's a ground ball! That's gonna, move the runner over to third, and chris gets the out at first zaden at the dish runner on third, that's a ball and it's gonna get by and steve's on his horse and no and he's out at third good job.

Braves two outs tight score.

Full count.

That's a ground ball, that's gonna, be a tough play.

Zayden's gonna be safe at first no out and there's three outs.

We're going to the fifth tied at four good job.

Chris two balls two strikes lumpy calling for a low pitch stephen there's a pop fly.

Oh nice! Try and he's gonna be safe at first nice catch max runner on first there's a ground ball off of dj and he's gonna be safe runners on first and second for the braves.

Nobody out two strikes strike three one out one and two count strike three: that's okay, chris two outs, two strikes two outs bases loaded, four to four: that's a ball: it gets by lumpy, but no one's coming home lumpy with a throw and they got the play out at home, he's out three outs.

They get out of the jam tie game.

Let's go yankees bottom of the fifth tie game sergio! That's a ball two strikes to sergio.

There's a ground ball that looks playable.

Can they get the out at first he's? Gonna be safe.

Nice stretch chris run around first for max.

That's a strike one out runner on second kingston with two strikes: there's a ground ball.

They could get the play at first.

They got him and there's two outs and sergio holds two strikes to jacob.

There's a pop-up nice catch, mateo, three outs, we're going to the top of the six still knotted at four great catch.

Two strikes strike three drop.

Three though lumpy's gonna have to make a throw down to first and there it is one out one out for eli.

There's a ground ball I'll play for alex who's gonna.

Take it himself for two out smart play, two outs alex with the pitch there's a pop-up, that's launched, but foul full count alex with the pitch strike.

Three three outs: the yankees can walk it off here as we go to the bottom of the six tied at four yankees can walk it off if they could bring in a run the undefeated season on the line.

Emiliano ball.

One two balls two strikes strike three one out: two strikes, there's a little bunt, that's a foul ball and that's gonna be strike three two out two and one count for ryan.

There's a grown ball that is gonna, be playable, but he's gonna be safe and we gotta run around first alex with a runner on first there's.

A pass ball ryan on his horse is gonna, get to second and he's gonna stretch at the third and oh, my god.

The yankees are gonna win and they do it undefeated.

I can't believe it 16 in all the yankees.

Do the impossible and win? Congratulations.

Everyone great job, great job by the braves.

That was a great game.

What a season everyone binge watch hit! The like button hit the subscribe button.

The yankees almost said the dodgers, the yankees.

Do it again, undefeated! Imagine that congratulations! Everyone, peace out.

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